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Radio City were originally called Radio Clive and were first heard on test in Dublin on January 17th 1977 on 229m (1310kHz). They then ran tests for most of the week before commencing proper programming as ‘Radio Clive on 230metres’ on Sunday 23rd. The address given was 23 Balcurris Road, Ballymun, Dublin 11.
They ran programming on Wednesdays and Sundays until a GPO vehicle was spotted one night so they changed to Friday nights. Unfortunately a fault in their transmitter meant Radio Clive had to cease broadcasting on February 20th.
After a month off air in which station staffers Alan Long and Tony West invested and erected new equipment, Radio Clive returned to air as Radio City on Sunday, March 20th. They then ran regular Sunday broadcasts on 210m (1429kHz). Unfortunately the station was raided and their transmitter was taken on May 4th 1977

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