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On Monday 25th June 1962 at 1800 hrs the Minister of Defence, Mr Gerard Bartley T.D. and the Chief of Staff Leiut-General Sean McKeown switched on and made the first broadcast, from Radio Óglaigh na h- Éireann in the Curragh Camp Co Kildare. This short wave transmitter situated in the annex of the Army gymnasium was set up to transmit news, sport, music and drama to the troops serving with the United Nations forces in the Congo

Report from The Curragh Bulletin

There was a one hour broadcast every day, including holidays, until the troops were withdrawn in 1964. Programming consisted of edited Raidió Éireann material.

Messrs Telecommunications Ltd. presented the Army with the 1.3 KWatt (crystal controlled) Transmitter. The “Rhombic” type aerial stood 70 ft. above the Curragh plains next to the Studio which was located in the annex of the Gymnasium, across from “The Baths”. The time of transmission was fixed each day for 17.30 hrs G.M.T. The frequency used was 17.544 mega cycles in the 16 Meter Band.

Each weekday Radio Éireann compiled a tape with the 1.30 p.m. News, Sports results, “The Kennedy’s of Castleross”. The weekend programme included a short Drama or news of local interest. The tape arrived on the 17.00 hrs bus from Dublin. One of the Signalmen from Base Workshops was waiting at Powell’s shop. Down to the Studio and ready for Transmission at 17.30 hrs.
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