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Clonmel Local Radio


Clonmel Local Radio

Clonmel Local Radio was launched in Tipperary in the summer of 1980 by Johnny Williamson, who was a DJ on the local circuit. Broadcasting on 252m MW, the station was based in the kitchen of his house situated beside Tikincor Castle – which is about two miles from Clonmel.

Clonmel Local Radio broadcast from midday to 6pm each day. In the studio they used Johnny Williamson’s disco decks – if he had a disco, the station had to shut down!

Johnny WIlliamson

Johnny himself did the lunchtime slot from midday to 2pm. The first hour was usually pre-recorded the night before and Johnny’s wife would normally set the tape rolling. He worked nearby on a lunch hour from 1pm and would rush to the station to broadcast live – unfortunately, the tape would regularly run out if he was running late.

The station opened every day to the theme tune for the movie Chariots of Fire.

CLR brought together a small group of local radio enthusiasts, none of whom had any radio experience, but learned their trade as they went along.

Some notable presenters were Liam Quigley, who started his career at Clonmel Local Radio; and Tony Brooke – who was the drummer with Gina Dale Haze and the Champions.

Clonmel Local Radio lasted just a few months before joining forces with Radio Carrick to form CBC Radio.

Tikincor Castle and the house which was the location for Clonmel Local Radio.
Photo is courtesy of Jimmy Williams who advises:
If you zoom in, you can still see the aerial hanging over the edge of the castle. It’s still hanging over the edge today .

Anorak Facts

  • There was no logo for the station.
  • The regular schedule included:
    10-12 noon Maurice Young
    12-2 Johnny Williamson
    2-4 Tom Parker

Station page compiled with the help of Jimmy Williams, who also started his career there, and Jonathan Ryan.

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