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Radio Carrick

Tipperary 1980-1981

Radio Carrick

Radio Carrick was an early 80s Tipperary pirate station based in Carrick-on-Suir. It joined forces with Clonmel Local Radio to form CBC Radio late in 1981.

Radio Carrick was set up by Gerry Gannon and the station’s studio was located in his garage at 13 Dunbane in August 1980, broadcasting on 1512kHz from 8 am to 6pm.

Gerry had been working with Suirside Radio In Waterford. It was whilst there that he realised that he had his own ideas on how to make a station more exciting and he wanted to try different things. Suirside’s owners were unwilling to invest so Gannon launched Radio Carrick.

Gerry approached three business people in Carrick-on-Suir – namely, Christy Butler, Tony Kehoe and Franco Bulvey. They each invested £500 in the new venture and the station was born.

On-air personalities were: Nick Hull, Peg Power, Pat O’Regan, Paul Byrne and Gerry Gannon.

As the station became more successful Gannon decided to relocate to Clonmel. He wanted to make it a truly community-based station covering south Tipperary, which at the time had a population of nearly 78,000. He wanted to start a co-op style station but was dissuaded from going down that route by a few business people who wanted to be involved as investors. This led to the formation of CBC Communications Ltd.

Gerry became the MD of CBC when the new station emerged.

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