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Wonderland Radio

Wonderland Radio was formed by a group of individuals in order to provide a central voice for the chaotic and fast-growing suburbs of Tallaght and surrounds in the 80s. The station reformed and was awarded a licence in 1999 as Tallaght Community Radio, now known as Tallaght FM.

These individuals put together a small studio – built in an abandoned caravan – behind the shops on Tallaght Main Street. This was linked to a small Medum-wave transmitter. The signal was not very strong but the reaction was immediate. Most programming was music-based to reflect the young population, however Community programs [sic] were introduced and built upon as time progressed.

In time, the station moved to a more permanent building – located on the Greenhils Road, beside the old Tallaght Town Centre. The station also set up an FM Stereo transmitter that covered most of Tallaght.

A team of dedicated individuals made repeated attempts to secure a licence from the BCI. Eventually Wonderland Radio closed down in order to concentrate on applications to the BCI.

Eventually, a licence was granted for a Community Radio Station to serve Tallaght. On receipt of the licence, custom-built facilities were constructed in the Square Towncentre and transmissions commenced. Tallaght FM now broadcasts from these facilities.

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