2FM (non) shuffle

2FM’s much-hyped reshuffle starts on Monday and – hey – they’ve got a new logo! That’s about it really.

2FM's much-hyped reshuffle starts on Monday and - hey - they've got a new logo! That's about it really.

The ‘new’ schedule looks like this: 6am Ruth Scott….7am Damien McCaul….9am Gerry Ryan (big change!)…12 Larry Gogan, whose shirts are annoying even on radio! Hasn’t Larry been in this time-slot broadcasting to the dinosaurs? Yep, it’s major reshuffle time at 2FM…2pm new time (sic) for Gareth O’Callaghan…hope he settles in!…5pm Tony Fenton (“On the Radio” it says here – thanks for clearing that up guys)…7pm Dusty Rhodes….9pm Dave Fanning…11pm Uaneen Fitzsimons…2am World Web Radio……it’s going to take us an age to get used to these changes!