Power FM Cork to Return

Power FM in Cork will be back on air this evening on 94.9MHz between the hours of 8pm and midnight, to say goodbye to their listeners and to explain their absence from the airwaves since an incident with an RTE representative on October 25th last. The station do plan to return in the future on a new frequency, away from the “RTE and licensed” section of the band but that may be a while away, station manager Rick Sky told Radiowaves. In relation to recent monitoring of Power FM, Rick says, “I have kept the transmitter switched off for some time now…you mentioned that the signal was heard recently…that was not me. It was another station on 94.90 called Radio Harmony [which] is a low power station (15W) operating from the southside of the city. It is continuous music (no links whatsoever) and the lone operator is using a non-crystal TX which sometimes drifts down to 94.75 so some people may think that I am on. Harmony comes on air most weekends only”.