Vatican Radio threatened with closure again

Italy has once again threatened to shut down Vatican Radio if it fails to reduce levels of electro-magnetic radiation from its transmitters within the next week, Mike Terry reports. The renewed threat has come despite an offer by the station to cut its transmission times after Easter. Italian Environment Minister Willer Bordon called the offer “absolutely insufficient”. Speaking at a news conference in Rome, he said that he wanted a timetable from the radio station illustrating by when it would abide by the government’s regulations for electromagnetic emissions. “We have negotiated until the last [moment] to avoid taking measures we don’t want to take,” he said. “We want Italian law to be respected but we also don’t want to prevent the voice of the Pope from reaching all parts of the world.” Last month, Mr Bordon said the National Agency for the Protection of the Environment had registered three times the legal limit for electro-magnetic radiation during one evening broadcast.”