RLO Court Action

Liam Woulfe, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Radio Limerick One Ltd, has taken High Court proceedings against the company, and its chief executive – Ger Madden. In proceedings under the Companies Acts, Woulfe is seeking a court order compelling Madden to buy out his 24% shareholding at a price to be determined by the court. He is also seeking damages for alleged breach of duties owed to him by Mr Madden. Woulfe claims that affairs of the company have – and are – been run in a manner which is oppressive to him. One of those claims is that, at the behest of and under the control of Mr Madden, Radio Limerick One Limited committed serious breaches of its obligations under a licence contract between it and the IRTC, and that the company adopted a ‘confrontational’ attitude towards the IRTC and its concerns. Radio Limerick One operated a licensed service from 1989 until 1996, when the licence was terminated.