Jamming With a Passion

Kildare-based dance music station Passion FM have accused the operators of a blank carrier in Dublin of attempting to jam their signal. Passion FM launched their main transmitter on 91.6MHz last week, with a secondary signal still appearing on 107.7MHz. However, last night what appeared to be a new blank carrier originating in Dublin appeared on 91.6MHz, leading to fears from the Passion FM camp that this is an attempt to hijack the frequency.
However, speaking to Radiowaves News this afternoon, a spokesman for the station who are operating the blank carrier denies the accusation point blank. They say they have been on this frequency since the weekend before last, and whilst they were off the air due to a power cut at their mountain site, Passion FM launched on 91.6MHz. However, Passion FM claim that anybody could have been behind the blank carrier, and when it disappeared, they assumed it had gone for good.
Both stations are willing to enter negotiations about the situation in a hope that a compromise can be reached.