Stern’s Clear Channel suspension made permanent

The Federal Communications Commission have put the final nail in the coffin built for Howard Stern at Clear Channel. The radio group had suspended the Stern show from its stations back in February, but were still targetted yesterday with fines totalling almost $½m as a result of indecent broadcast material aired during the show, which had been syndicated to six of Clear Channel’s stations. The fines relate to three separate incidents in a single show broadcast in April 2003, and Clear Channel have been hit for each of their stations that carried the show, totalling 18 separate counts of indecency. The radio group responded instantly by announcing that they are now permanently dropping the Howard Stern Show.
The Howard Stern Show is still broadcast on 35 stations owned by rival group Infinity which broadcasts across the States. It is also possible that they will be hit with similar fines relating to the particular show for which Clear Channel have been hammered.