IBI celebrate listenership figures

The Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI) had further cause for celebration with the publication of the latest JNLR figures which, they claim, clearly demonstrate the widening gap between listenership for independent radio and RTÉ. The listenership figures for the period January 2005 – December 2005* show that independent radio has a weekday (7am – 7pm) market share of 61.4%, 22.8% higher than RTÉ at 38.6%. Figures from January to June versus June to December indicate that some of RTÉ’s most popular broadcasters have lost listeners.
David Tighe, Chairman of the IBI, commented on the figures: “We have come a long way in under 20 years. Listeners are now opting for independent radio with its fresh, local angles, which are relevant to its audiences in comparison to the jaded formats of RTÉ. RTÉ used to be the predominant force in Irish broadcasting but it is now losing touch with its audiences. Our members are getting bigger by being better. As we continue to deliver to our listeners what they want to hear, we will continue to gain market share. These figures indicate that advertisers can also be assured that they are making the right move when they select local radio and Today FM as their mediums of choice.”
*JNLR/TNS mrbi January – December 2005