Mock the ads

A complaint made against the breakfast crew at Galway Bay FM could not be fully determined by the BCC because no recording of the incident was available. Presenters Jimmy Norman and Ollie Turner were accused by commercial producer Jonathan Davis of mocking his voice for a “substantial amount of time” after one of his adverts played on the station. The programme was heard by staff at Super Valu Gort, which was the subject of the advertisement. Davis felt that the incident was “totally unacceptable”, damaging the integrity of the product, the effectiveness of the advert and, most importantly, his voice – the tool of his trade. Calling it a clear case of slander, Davis claimed that even in the days before regulation of the radio sector on unlicensed stations everyone knew that adverts were sacrosanct.
The BCC requires broadcasters to retain recordings of their output for 90 days. However no recording was available of this incident, leading the BCC to find Galway Bay FM in breach of Section 26 of the Broadcasting Act 2001.
The station have apologised for any hurt the incident caused but claim that the presenters, who broadcast in a humorous manner, only referenced the content of the advertisement and not Davis himself. They further state that Davis has dealt with them on a number of occasions, and at times is quite demanding and condescending to those he deals with within their station.