Kiss Off

Kiss FM, Cork’s dance music station, are off air as a precaution following a warning that the ODTR may be heading their way.


Not Friendly

Radio Friendly (based in Cork) went off air tonight presumably to avoid an ODTR raid. Radiowaves News has also received unconfirmed reports that Cork’s other unlicensed stations are also off air as a precaution against ODTR visits.

Comment: ODTR Round-country tour Summer 2000

Kiss Back On

Kiss FM in Cork came back on air this afternoon with normal programming and RDS following yesterday’s decision to stop broadcasting to avoid an ODTR visit.
Kiss FM broadcast to Cork on 105.5MHz and 107.1 to S Tipperary.

Comment: Welcome back.


New FM Service Advertised for Cork

The IRTC has advertised for applications from parties interested in serving Cork city and county with an FM radio station. This time there is no specifications for the type of service required but the IRTC has indicated that they wish to increase the choices on offer to listeners. Closing date for applications is 10th November.

Friendly to Close

Cork’s dance music station Radio Friendly are to close after the Jazz Weekend (October Bank Holiday). “The station are part of a bid for a radio licence and we feel that being on air might jeopardise our chances”, a spokesperson told Radiowaves. Radio Friendly can be heard until then on 106.4FM.

Comment: Best of luck with the bid.

RTÉ Representative Pays Cork’s Power FM a Visit

Power FM in Cork are off the air following a visit from a member of RTÉ’s technical department last night, station manager Rick Sky has told Radiowaves. The RTÉ representative requested the station to cease broadcasting because of complaints of interference in the local area from the station’s transmissions which were causing “overload” on radios nearby and added that a report will be sent to the ODTR with a recommendation of closure. Although the transmissions themselves were clean, the RTÉ staff member pointed out that the power of 150w was the main cause of the problem. Rick added that Power FM will be off the air for “the foreseeable future”.

Kiss Cork Cease

Kiss FM Cork ceased broadcasting today in order to apply for a licence. The station thanked all their loyal listeners and advertisers and hope to return “bigger and better” in the future.

Kiss Cork Make Swift Return

Kiss FM in Cork are broadcasting again. Their website has changed from the page that said they had stopped broadcasting on Sunday. They are now scheduled to close on the 9th of November, but may last until Sunday the 12th, a spokesperson told Radiowaves.
Kiss FM can be heard on 105.5FM and 107.1FM.

Comment: Best of luck with the licence application.

A New Station for Cork

A new underground dance station is planned for 106.8FM in Cork. The station, called X-FM, hopes to be on air for the beginning of December, a spokesperson this evening told Radiowaves.

Unexpected Close for Kiss Cork

In an unexpected move, the management of Kiss FM in Cork closed the station last night at 8.45pm, earlier than planned. The Cork airwaves are now very bare with all the unlicensed stations having closed down in the past couple of weeks. “You can now hear 96FM and County Sound on all their frequencies!”, a Cork listener this evening told Radiowaves.

Power FM Cork to Return

Power FM in Cork will be back on air this evening on 94.9MHz between the hours of 8pm and midnight, to say goodbye to their listeners and to explain their absence from the airwaves since an incident with an RTE representative on October 25th last. The station do plan to return in the future on a new frequency, away from the “RTE and licensed” section of the band but that may be a while away, station manager Rick Sky told Radiowaves. In relation to recent monitoring of Power FM, Rick says, “I have kept the transmitter switched off for some time now…you mentioned that the signal was heard recently…that was not me. It was another station on 94.90 called Radio Harmony [which] is a low power station (15W) operating from the southside of the city. It is continuous music (no links whatsoever) and the lone operator is using a non-crystal TX which sometimes drifts down to 94.75 so some people may think that I am on. Harmony comes on air most weekends only”.

Power FM Cork on the Lookout

Power FM in Cork will be back on air again next Tuesday evening from 9pm on 94.9MHz, station manager Rick Sky told Radiowaves this evening. Although the station were on air as promised last night, they could not give their listeners a new frequency and so plan to return after a week of looking at the available options.

Cork 96FM to be Bought by UTV

The County Media Group, which includes 96FM and County Sound in Cork, is to be bought for £28.5m by UTV, the ITV franchise holder in Northern Ireland. The price does not include a debt of £3m, liability to be assumed by the buyer. The deal was finalised this week and is subject to approval by the Independent Radio and Television Commission. UTV plan to revamp the stations and have also gained a foothold into the bidding for a new licence in Cork, as County Media holds a 27% stake in the consortium proposing to broadcast under the name of Sonic FM. County Media managing director Colm O’Conaill, formerly of unlicensed station ERI, and commercial director Ronan McManamy will remain at the company and continue to manage the radio broadcasting side of the business.

Latest Overview from Cork

Kiss FM have re-appeared on 105.5MHz this evening. The station are now broadcasting from a new transmitter site.
Radio Caroline will make a return the airwaves tomorrow on their 98.2MHz frequency.
Sunshine Radio has now limited it’s broadcast hours to Sunday morning/afternoons only on 104.3MHz
LUV FM remain silent with no transmissions whatsoever.
Radio Friendly continue uninterrupted on 104.6MHz as do alternative rock station Freak FM on 107.6MHz.
The unidentified station on 105.0MHz continues with sporadic and infrequent broadcasts
UCB continue to occupy 107.0MHz and UCB Cross Rhythms are still on 87.7MHz
Power FM station owner Max Power confirmed today that there is no plans to bring the station back in the foreseeable future.

Xmas Spin

Spin FM are now indicating that they will be on air by Christmas, despite an announcement earlier in the year that it would be October. This emerged at a meeting with the BCI earlier this week. The exact launch date will be agreed later this month.
It was also revealed that Cork’s new station Red FM should be on air by November.

Cork Mystery Solved

Luv FM is the station broadcasting on 105.5MHz in Cork. The station owner has confirmed that they have decided to use the old Kiss FM frequency but not before fooling people into believing that Kiss FM had made a return by playing back-to-back dance music!

CCR Power Drop

A considerable drop in transmitter power has been noted from Cork Campus Radio. In the areas outside of Cork city where previously the station could be received without problem, the signal is presently very weak and is even susceptible to interference from WLR’s 97.5FM transmitter.
Cork Campus Radio serves the student population of Cork city on 97.4MHz and has remained on air during the college holidays with limited weekday programmes.

Anthrax Scare at RTÉ Cork

RTÉ Cork was hit by an anthrax scare yesterday morning following the arrival of a package containing powder which had been posted in England. A member of staff raised the alarm at 9.30am leading to the building being sealed off. However, following army examination, it was revealed that the package contained a CD wrapped in metallic granules for protection.

Red Launch in Two Weeks

Red FM, Cork’s new licensed station, will launch at 8am on Wednesday January 16th. Music on test will replace the tone on the station’s various frequencies over the next few days.

Red FM, Cork's new licensed station, will launch at 8am on Wednesday January 16th. Music on test will replace the tone on the station's various frequencies over the next few days.

Speaking to Radiowaves News today, the station’s assistant Programme Controller and Music Director Matt Dempsey said: “We’ve had our fair share of setbacks over the months, from planning to just about everything you can think of, but we believe that from the 16th we will be able to hold our heads up and be proud of the service we will provide for the youth of Cork.”
That service includes an exciting new evening slot for ex-Laser 558 presenter Charlie Wolf. Other presenters confirmed for the station’s line-up include former Live 95FM star Richie O’Shea in the breakfast slot, Matt Dempsey (himself formerly with Live 95FM) in the ‘Drivetime’ slot and, in a bold move, Red FM will air a dance music show for four hours each weekday evening from 6pm. This will be hosted by ex-FM104 presenter Keith Cunningham. The station’s overnights will be automated.
Weekend shows include The Big Red bench on Saturdays and Sundays presented by Trevor Welsh, a local lad who is well-known as the face of TV3 Sport.
“Other weekend shows include Black on Red, an RnB Show mixed live with Cork Legend Stevie G,” according to Matt Dempsey. He continues: “We also have Green on Red, an Irish Music Show on Sunday nights presented by Colm O’Sullivan who joins us from 96FM.” O’Sullivan will also produce Charlie Wolf’s show. Finally, Pink on Red will be a Saturday night programme for Cork’s gay community.

Wolf Collapses

Charlie Wolf collapsed whilst live on air on Red FM last night. He collapsed during the final hour of his ‘Cork Talks Back’ programme as he was reading out amusing items. Listeners to the new Cork station heard Charlie struggle for breath and then collapse, with papers scattering. After a moment’s pause, his producer announced that they’d be right back and played music.

Survive It To Drive It

A survival competition is underway on Cork’s 96/103FM with four people now living in a Volkswagon Beetle in Douglas Village Shopping Centre.

At 9am this morning, four contestants waved goodbye to their loved ones for at least two nights. The carmates, who in a cruel twist have been forbidden from brushing their hair, washing their teeth and using deodorant for the duration of their stay in the car, will be eliminated one by one by the stations’ listeners. The first eviction will take place on Wednesday morning.

On Friday morning, with two finalists remaining inside the car, the final eviction will be made live on the Neil Prendeville show on 96FM. Neil will link up with Patricia Messenger in North Cork and John Greene in West Cork – the two local services from 103FM County Sound.

Cork’s 96 & 103FM are keeping a constant eye on the contestants by webcam and by live feeds from the car to the station, which can be accessed at random.

€10,000 Squared

Hot on the heels of last week’s Survive It To Drive It competition, Cork’s 96FM & 103FM have announced another giveaway which will take place on the airwaves of Cork City and County.
From October 14th next, 96FM & 103FM will qualify 100 finalists through a series of on-air games to take part in the ‘€10,000 cash drop’, which the stations claim is Cork’s biggest ever cash giveaway. The final will take place on November 6th at Cork Racecourse in Mallow. One listener will walk away €10,000 richer, with the money literally falling from the sky.
Each of the 100 qualifiers will be allocated a number and on November 6th, this number will correspond to a square of ground at the Racecourse. All of the qualifiers will watch a helicopter take to the air over the ground. At some point that morning, a bag containing €10,000 will be dropped from the helicopter to the ground onto the 100 squares. Whoever has the square where the money lands will walk away €10,000 richer.

Red November

Red FM will launch in Cork city and county on November 21st. A spokesperson told Radiowaves News that the station are not disclosing their marketing campaign and launch details yet.

Wolf Leaves Red for Marital Bed

Charlie Wolf has presented his last show for Red FM. The controversial jock said goodbye to his listeners on this morning’s ‘Red Rooster’ Breakfast Show on the Cork youth station. He announced his departure only in the past few days.
Wolf has been with the station since its launch in January 2002. He originally presented a late-night talk-show – ‘Cork Talks Back’ – before moving to the breakfast slot. He always claimed that he was only with the station to ‘help out a friend’ (Chief Executive Henry Condon) and would leave when it suited him.
Before joining Red FM, Charlie was with TalkSport in the UK, but is most famous for his time on Laser 558 in the mid-80s.
Charlie plans to marry his fiancee in August.

Charleville Radio Gets Go-ahead

A public meeting was held in Charleville, Co Cork on Wednesday night in order to gain a mandate from the people to go ahead with a plan to establish a community radio station in the town. The idea was met with approval and the group are to begin planning their proposal for submission to the BCI for an initial temporary licence.

Report: Liamo

96 Under Fire

A Cork radio station has come under fire following allegations that it broadcast live from the site of a gang war and gave one of the combatants airtime. 96FM’s Neil Prenderville was focusing on the scene of a full-scale riot taking place between traveller groups in Cork on Thursday morning and allowed one participant to state that “heads would be severed from bodies”.
A police officer says that he received a complaint that the riot was ‘being thrashed out on local radio’ and a District Judge has condemned the broadcast, calling for an investigation by the DPP and the broadcasting authorities. Neil has admitted on air that he is likely to be prosecuted over the item, but defends the decision to broadcast the piece. “I think we actually helped to defuse the situation,” he claimed.