Kiss FM

Kiss Off

Kiss FM, Cork’s dance music station, are off air as a precaution following a warning that the ODTR may be heading their way.


Kiss Back On

Kiss FM in Cork came back on air this afternoon with normal programming and RDS following yesterday’s decision to stop broadcasting to avoid an ODTR visit.
Kiss FM broadcast to Cork on 105.5MHz and 107.1 to S Tipperary.

Comment: Welcome back.


Kiss Cork Cease

Kiss FM Cork ceased broadcasting today in order to apply for a licence. The station thanked all their loyal listeners and advertisers and hope to return “bigger and better” in the future.

Kiss Cork Make Swift Return

Kiss FM in Cork are broadcasting again. Their website has changed from the page that said they had stopped broadcasting on Sunday. They are now scheduled to close on the 9th of November, but may last until Sunday the 12th, a spokesperson told Radiowaves.
Kiss FM can be heard on 105.5FM and 107.1FM.

Comment: Best of luck with the licence application.

Unexpected Close for Kiss Cork

In an unexpected move, the management of Kiss FM in Cork closed the station last night at 8.45pm, earlier than planned. The Cork airwaves are now very bare with all the unlicensed stations having closed down in the past couple of weeks. “You can now hear 96FM and County Sound on all their frequencies!”, a Cork listener this evening told Radiowaves.

Latest Overview from Cork

Kiss FM have re-appeared on 105.5MHz this evening. The station are now broadcasting from a new transmitter site.
Radio Caroline will make a return the airwaves tomorrow on their 98.2MHz frequency.
Sunshine Radio has now limited it’s broadcast hours to Sunday morning/afternoons only on 104.3MHz
LUV FM remain silent with no transmissions whatsoever.
Radio Friendly continue uninterrupted on 104.6MHz as do alternative rock station Freak FM on 107.6MHz.
The unidentified station on 105.0MHz continues with sporadic and infrequent broadcasts
UCB continue to occupy 107.0MHz and UCB Cross Rhythms are still on 87.7MHz
Power FM station owner Max Power confirmed today that there is no plans to bring the station back in the foreseeable future.