Red FM

Xmas Spin

Spin FM are now indicating that they will be on air by Christmas, despite an announcement earlier in the year that it would be October. This emerged at a meeting with the BCI earlier this week. The exact launch date will be agreed later this month.
It was also revealed that Cork’s new station Red FM should be on air by November.

Red Launch in Two Weeks

Red FM, Cork’s new licensed station, will launch at 8am on Wednesday January 16th. Music on test will replace the tone on the station’s various frequencies over the next few days.

Red FM, Cork's new licensed station, will launch at 8am on Wednesday January 16th. Music on test will replace the tone on the station's various frequencies over the next few days.

Speaking to Radiowaves News today, the station’s assistant Programme Controller and Music Director Matt Dempsey said: “We’ve had our fair share of setbacks over the months, from planning to just about everything you can think of, but we believe that from the 16th we will be able to hold our heads up and be proud of the service we will provide for the youth of Cork.”
That service includes an exciting new evening slot for ex-Laser 558 presenter Charlie Wolf. Other presenters confirmed for the station’s line-up include former Live 95FM star Richie O’Shea in the breakfast slot, Matt Dempsey (himself formerly with Live 95FM) in the ‘Drivetime’ slot and, in a bold move, Red FM will air a dance music show for four hours each weekday evening from 6pm. This will be hosted by ex-FM104 presenter Keith Cunningham. The station’s overnights will be automated.
Weekend shows include The Big Red bench on Saturdays and Sundays presented by Trevor Welsh, a local lad who is well-known as the face of TV3 Sport.
“Other weekend shows include Black on Red, an RnB Show mixed live with Cork Legend Stevie G,” according to Matt Dempsey. He continues: “We also have Green on Red, an Irish Music Show on Sunday nights presented by Colm O’Sullivan who joins us from 96FM.” O’Sullivan will also produce Charlie Wolf’s show. Finally, Pink on Red will be a Saturday night programme for Cork’s gay community.

Wolf Collapses

Charlie Wolf collapsed whilst live on air on Red FM last night. He collapsed during the final hour of his ‘Cork Talks Back’ programme as he was reading out amusing items. Listeners to the new Cork station heard Charlie struggle for breath and then collapse, with papers scattering. After a moment’s pause, his producer announced that they’d be right back and played music.

Red November

Red FM will launch in Cork city and county on November 21st. A spokesperson told Radiowaves News that the station are not disclosing their marketing campaign and launch details yet.

Wolf Leaves Red for Marital Bed

Charlie Wolf has presented his last show for Red FM. The controversial jock said goodbye to his listeners on this morning’s ‘Red Rooster’ Breakfast Show on the Cork youth station. He announced his departure only in the past few days.
Wolf has been with the station since its launch in January 2002. He originally presented a late-night talk-show – ‘Cork Talks Back’ – before moving to the breakfast slot. He always claimed that he was only with the station to ‘help out a friend’ (Chief Executive Henry Condon) and would leave when it suited him.
Before joining Red FM, Charlie was with TalkSport in the UK, but is most famous for his time on Laser 558 in the mid-80s.
Charlie plans to marry his fiancee in August.