Choice FM

A Choice of Programming on MW

This Saturday Choice FM will present a day of special programming as a medium wave opt-out for Dublin listeners. From 11am, on the station’s 1278kHz AM frequency, there will be a selection of special broadcasts which will include general music programming, as well as general information and chat, aimed at what Choice call the “more discerning listener”. The broadcasts run until 6pm when the MW transmitter will rejoin Choice’s FM network for ‘Best of’ with broadcaster Shay Healy.
Speaking about the opt-out programming, Choice FM’s station manager Kevin Branigan, said: “We are enthused by the opportunity to provide separate programming on our MW transmitter. The huge feedback from our ‘Retro Romance’ programmes demonstrates to us that there is a huge market for the crooners and million-seller artists that is not being catered for by existing radio stations – and we would like to gauge the response to it on Saturday.
Choice broadcasts to the major cities around Ireland on FM and AM and will complete its current ten-week temporary licence this weekend.

End of the Road for Choice

Ireland’s easy-listening radio station, Choice FM, will reach the end of its second temporary licence term at midnight tonight. The station has broadcast each Friday, Saturday and Sunday since September 8th.
To mark the final day of broadcasting, Choice FM will broadcast ‘The Top 100 Easy Listening Songs of all Time’ between 10am and 6pm. The chart has been compiled by votes from the station’s listeners in their service areas.
Choice FM first appeared on a 30 day temporary licence last year. At that point the station broadcast to Dublin only but the service was extended this year to cover other major population centres Cork, Galway & Limerick. The station’s management intend to apply for the full-time multi-city licence which will be advertised next year.