Lite for Life

Raidió na Life’s looped announcement regarding their permanent move to 106.4MHz has now vacated 102.2MHz where there is presently a test-tone from Lite FM, Dublin’s newly licensed station for the over 35 age group which is due to launch on May 25th at 1.02pm.

Turn on the Lite

Lite FM is on air from 1.02pm tomorrow. “Turn on the Lite” is the ‘clever’ advertising campaign bombarding Dubliners from buses, bus stops and poster hoardings. If there is a live stream it should be accessible from their website.

The Lite has Been Switched On

The radio gods said “Let there be Lite” and at 1.02pm today Lite FM – Dublin’s newest licensed station – took to the airwaves on 102.2MHz. First voice heard was Scott Williams, who interviewed Tánaiste Mary Harney on dreadful sounding mics. The first song played was John Lennon’s “Imagine” and the first programme on the station promising “all-time favourites” was presented by Liam Quigley.

Lite Bids

Three different radio groups have made bids to buy a majority shareholding in Lite FM, the Dublin-based easy-listening station, according to today’s Sunday Tribune. The station’s Managing Director, Martin Block, confirmed that the approaches had been made but did not reveal the identity of the bidders nor the amounts offered. He did say that discussions are ongoing and that – although Lite FM would prefer to build it’s own Irish radio group – if someone offered the shareholders a huge amount of money it would be hard for them not to accept.

Lite for Sale

Dublin station Lite FM is for sale. On air since May 2000, the easy-listening station is seeking either part investors or an outright buyer. Three shareholders are said to be looking for someone to buy their holding.
Lite FM have been involved in talks to buy other radio stations in the past few months and is also part of a consortium bidding for the new Kildare licence.

Chaos Looming Again on 105.7FM?

Two stations claim that they are planning to broadcast on 105.7MHz in Dublin in the near future.
Pulse FM, who have recently been guilty of jumping on frequencies already occupied by other stations, are now claiming in contact with The Anorak Hour that they will relaunch from a new transmission site in the next few weeks. However, the station have made similar claims to Radiowaves News on a number of occasions since they first appeared on air at the start of the year.
Meanwhile, Future FM have also claimed that they will be moving to this frequency soon. The underground dance station presently broadcasts on 93.8MHz.
A strong blank carrier appeared on 105.7MHz during the week but has been off the air today.