Golden Sundays

Gold FM, a non-stop 60’s station, will commence broadcasting to Dublin this coming Bank Holiday Monday, Radiowaves can reveal.

In a move mirroring the recent ABC/Beat FM split frequencies, Gold FM will broadcast on 87.6MHz on Sundays with Beat FM – who are currently on reduced power – on air Monday to Saturday.

New Station Planned From Cavan

A new station is planned from those who bring us ABC 94FM and Beat FM. The new service from Cavan will air on medium wave and shortwave only and is expected around early June.

Testing, Testing, A B C

The medium wave station planned by ABC/Beat FM is due to start test transmissions this week on 1557kHz medium wave. There is, as of yet, no name for the service which will be independent of its stablemates.

1593 Actually

The medium wave station from those behind ABC 94FM and Beat FM will broadcast from Cavan on 1593kHz and not 1557kHz as stated previously.

Golden Improvements

In Dublin Beat FM, and weekend station Gold FM, say that work has been carried out to improve their signal on 87.6MHz with further improvements promised over the next month. Gold FM will be on the air every Sunday from this weekend with additional broadcasts on future bank holiday Mondays.

Power Cuts ABC…Gold FM

In Dublin, ABC 94FM and Gold FM were off air for long periods this morning due to a power failure but both returned after 10am.

New aerials have been installed on the Beat/Gold 87.6MHz transmitter which should see a noticeable improvement in signal in the city centre and towards the northside.

There is a new high-powered rig which will be ready to go on air after a few problems have been ironed out. Timescale mentioned is early July.

Meanwhile, ABC 94FM are planning new programming on weeknights and at weekends from mid-July if all goes to plan. Programmes will take the form of special interest shows e.g. country, classical music, rock etc.

Music for MW

The medium wave station planned for 1593kHz by those behind ABC/Beat FM will be music-based – contrary to the circulating rumours that it will be a religious service. ABC are currently awaiting the arrival from the UK of a new aerial for use on both the medium wave and shortwave broadcasts.

87.6 Improved

In Dublin, 87.6FM’s vastly improved signal is today home to Gold FM to allow some technical upgrading. Beat FM will return tomorrow and from next week Gold FM will broadcast on Sunday as normal.

ABC Suspended

ABC 94FM have suspended normal programming until next Tuesday or Wednesday to allow some work at their studio location to take place, including the re-installation of equipment to allow for more live programmes in the future. Link problems will also be cleared up this week.

Other plans for ABC 94FM (plus sister stations Beat FM and Gold FM) will be announced in the coming weeks.

Extra Beat

Beat FM have been on 94.3MHz in Dublin since Monday. This is in addition to their normal frequency of 87.6MHz.

As reported here on Sunday, this is to allow for continued studio work at sister station ABC, who normally occupy 94.3, and the move will last for a few more days at least.

Meanwhile, the aerial planned for the long-mooted medium wave station has arrived and tests should be commencing soon.

Beat RDS

Beat FM now have RDS on their signal. It reads BEAT FM and doesn’t change when Gold FM is broadcasting!

The station broadcasts an around the clock automated mix to Dublin on 87.6MHz and temporarily on 94.3MHz.

The Sound of Eighty-Seven Six

ABC 94FM are no longer on 87.6MHz in Dublin which is now home to a looping announcement stating “24 hours a day – this is Eighty-Seven Six” and also “Eighty-Seven Six FM – the sound of Eighty-Seven Six”.

Comment: Change in the air at ABC/Beat/Gold


Gold FM test jingles were aired on 94.3MHz and 87.6MHz in the early hours of this morning. The jingles were new and mentioned a 24 hour a day service rather than the “Gold FM at the weekend” promos of the past. There were also test jingles aired for a service by the name of Hope FM for Dublin.

ABC are staying tight-lipped about future plans for their frequencies although a spokesperson told Radiowaves that Beat FM will not be returning.

When the jingle package played out the frequencies shifted to a Sky Digital relay of Heart 106.2 from London. This finished at lunchtime and Beat FM jingles and programming reappeared on both frequencies for a while before a return to unidentified music.

Comment: Tests or just total confusion?

105.7 is Pulsing Again

Pulse FM now have music programming again on 105.7MHz in Dublin. The station previously launched on the frequency when it was occupied by Breeze FM causing major interference to NewsTalk 106. Forced to vacate the frequency, they moved to 102.5MHz, which was already home to rock station ‘The Zone’. They now claim that they have come to a financial agreement with Breeze FM over use of 105.7FM – but, according to Breeze FM’s station manager, they have failed to honour that agreement.