Hot Transmitter Recovered

In Dublin, the stolen 99.1 transmitter has been recovered. The equipment, which is the property of Glenn Kelly who recently pulled out of ESG and offered the use of the transmitter to Hot Radio, was stolen from Kiltipper Hill on Sunday at 4pm.

Yesterday morning’s broadcasts were traced to Terenure but were switched off just as apprehension was imminent. However a friend of “Tony Quinn” (real name Paul Archer from Blanchardstown) was found with the equipment later that day.

Hot Radio are requesting any information on Paul Archer and can be contacted by email at cbx2000@hotmail.com

ESG Back on 99.1

Dublin station ESG FM are presently back broadcasting on the 99.1MHz frequency they vacated two weeks ago which has had Hot Radio and “Cool FM” using for broadcasts in that time.

Essential Pulse

Pulse 103FM, referred to by many as “The Pirate of the Nineties”, closed down one year ago today hoping for a successful licence application which they didn’t achieve. Essential Galaxy 94FM will be rerunning the final hour of Pulse FM at 6pm this evening!

John Moves to the Galaxy

John Dempsey is leaving Hot Radio to join ESG FM. John – the man behind Dream FM and the highly recommended new ESG website – will occupy the Saturday evening slot from 6-8pm.
ESG FM broadcast to Dublin on 93.8, 94.1 & 99.1MHz.

Hot back on 99.1

Hot Radio is back broadcasting on the ill-fated 99.1 transmitter belonging to Glenn Kelly. This follows on-air announcements from ESG FM last night that they would no longer be using the frequency.


In Dublin, ESG FM were off air most of this afternoon on 94.1MHz for technical adjustments.

ESG No Plans to Close

ESG FM’s station manager James Davids has this evening issued a statement stating that ESG is “NOT closing under any circumstances” and that a relaunch with big changes is on the way.
He also asks for supporters to “take no note of any of the rumours”.
The Dublin-based dance music station had been planning a move from their temporary premises of the past few weeks into a new studio which explains why they have had neither live programming nor RDS for the past few days.

ESG Off Today

ESG FM’s service was down for most of today but returned in the evening. The station broadcast to Dublin on 94.1FM and 93.8FM.

ESG is Dead, Long Live Energy

Energy FM is the name of ‘The New 94’. The station – previously ESG FM – relaunched this morning with RDS reading ENERGY. The website is up and running but there is no telephone number yet and the live stream is coming soon.

Comment: It seemed like an age arriving and the new name surprised nobody but it should all be worthwhile. The best of luck to all at ‘The New 94’.

Medium wave lives again

An automated station which has been broadcasting on medium wave from Dublin’s southside for a number of months has gone live and identified for the first time last weekend as Energy Power 1593AM.

This weekend they are only broadcasting on 1593kHz AM, although they have also been available on 1278kHz AM since RTÉ 2FM’s departure from that channel.

Playing a mixture of music old and new, the station’s powerful signal should breathe life into the ailing MW band.

Tests on 828kHz

Energy Power AM, who also broadcast on 1593kHz, have launched a test channel at 828kHz medium wave. At present the output consists solely of automated music.

TCR Back On After Raid

Tyrone Community Radio are defiantly back on air despite a recent ComReg raid in which some of their equipment was taken from their location in Ballylast, in east Donegal.
TCR have been broadcasting to the area for a decade but were closed down a couple of weeks ago by members of ComReg, who were accompanied by the Gardai. However, the country & western music station returned just days later.
ComReg have indicated that they intend to prosecute the station’s owners.

Highland Warned

Highland Radio, the licensed service in Donegal, have switched off an unlicensed transmitter based in Inishowen following a warning from ComReg that it was illegal.

It’s Not Easy to Stay Awake

At midnight last night / this morning Easy Radio presenter Paul Wilson joined the rest of the nation and put his head down for some shuteye. What made Paul’s situation different was that he hadn’t slept in at least 48 hours.

At midnight on Friday night, Paul pledged to continue broadcasting live across Dublin on 105.2MHz, and to the world on easyradio.ie, for 48 hours in order to raise funds for Temple Street Childrens’ Hospital in Dublin’s city centre.

Paul at the start of the broadcast

The target wasn’t an ‘Easy’ one, he hoped to raise at least €1,000. Donations were understandably a little slow during the first night but as the day began and the rest of the nation rose from sleep, the station’s listeners started rallying to the cause.

According to a spokesperson for the long-running Dublin pirate station: “It was just as Paul’s voice started to get sore and he had finished his 50th cup of coffee, that the target was reached – at 4.30pm on Sunday afternoon.”

Paul stayed on air for the remainder of the evening and by the deadline on Sunday the donation amount had reached €1,120 euro.

“Overwhelming,” was the word Paul used. It was probably all he could manage to say at the time!

This morning the station were inundated with messages of support and people still looking to donate – the link button will remain active at the link below until Friday to facilitate this.

Easy Radio have been broadcasting easy listening music and love songs to Dublin since 2001.

Easy Radio Facebook page

Easy Return

Easy Radio have returned to FM in Dublin. Back on air on 94.3MHz, the station have said that it will just be weekends only for the present.