Dance Loop on 106.9 in Dublin

106.9FM in Dublin is presently home to a continuous loop of background dance music with a voiceover stating that “You are listening to a test transmission on 106.9FM. Stay tuned for more details on Dublin’s newest dance music radio station.”

Postings to message boards state that this station will be calling itself X-Cell 107FM and will launch at 1.07pm on Sunday…mirroring Lite 102FM’s frequency – time coordinated launch of a few weeks ago.

You can listen to the announcement here

Clip thanks to Anto

Boredom setting in?

106.9FM in Dublin is once again carrying continuous dance music with no idents and no test transmission announcements. Is there anybody out there not bored by this yet?

Power Off Delays Hot’s Turn On

In Dublin, Hot Radio’s live launch was hit by a power-cut on their mountain site this evening. All set to launch at 7pm, power went just after 6.30 also putting Freedom FM off-air. Power returned at about 7.45 but ABC 94FM were on Freedom’s 92FM frequency (as well as their usual 94.3MHz), however Freedom returned at 7.55pm. Meanwhile Hot Radio were carrying RDS and a test-tone on both of their frequencies.

Live programming on Hot Radio finally got under way with a countdown at 8pm. Power is slightly reduced and it will be a while before normality returns. Hot Radio are now broadcasting live programming to Dublin on 99.4MHz and 88.1MHz.

Fantasy Land

Fantasy FM is the name of the station planned for 106.9FM in Dublin. Their playlist will consist of dance – both club and commercial – and R’n’B.

Broadcasts on 106.9MHz are of a temporary nature until a more permanent frequency becomes available.

There will be a launch date set soon (possibly mid-August) and a website is currently under development.

The station are requesting reception reports at fantasyfm@ireland.com.

Mayo for Breakfast Served Again

BBC Radio 1’s Simon Mayo show can once again be heard crystal clear on Dublin’s FM band courtesy of Freedom 92FM. In addition to Radio 1’s breakfast show, Freedom have extended relays of the UK national pop channel until 12 midday.

No Freedom Today

Freedom 92FM in Dublin were off the air for most of today due to transmitter problems which were resolved in the evening. The station will also be off air at some point this coming weekend for the installation of new aerials. Freedom FM can be found on 92.0MHz.

Freedom FM on Radiowaves

Dublin Station News

Sun 101FM were just a blank carrier for periods today but returned in the evening. Also blank today was DMR FM and another station blank for a short period was Freedom 92FM.

Fusion to Move

Fusion FM will vacate 92.2MHz this evening. The station appeared on this frequency in Dublin a few days ago, and have caused interference to established station Freedom FM on 92.0MHz.

Chaos Looming Again on 105.7FM?

Two stations claim that they are planning to broadcast on 105.7MHz in Dublin in the near future.
Pulse FM, who have recently been guilty of jumping on frequencies already occupied by other stations, are now claiming in contact with The Anorak Hour that they will relaunch from a new transmission site in the next few weeks. However, the station have made similar claims to Radiowaves News on a number of occasions since they first appeared on air at the start of the year.
Meanwhile, Future FM have also claimed that they will be moving to this frequency soon. The underground dance station presently broadcasts on 93.8MHz.
A strong blank carrier appeared on 105.7MHz during the week but has been off the air today.

Pulse FM is on 105.7

Pulse FM are now claiming that the blank carrier on 105.7MHz in Dublin belongs to them.
Speaking to Radiowaves News, station owner Ben Murray says: “The signal on 105.7 will get more powerful as of Wednesday and an audio loop will be put through it.”
Future FM had also claimed that they would be moving onto the frequency, but that is no longer the case according to Murray: “Future FM will not be going on the frequency after all as they didn’t know we were on 105.7.”
The station have been plagued with technical problems since they launched last February, but Murray says that the problems have now been sorted and “105.7 will be our home from now on”.

Jason Cruises to Freedom

Jason Dee will be the new Drivetime presenter on Freedom 92FM from next week. This follows the departure of Mike O’Brien. Jason will be on air Mondays through Thursdays from 3pm – 6pm. He has been working on Energy 94FM, but regards his new position with excited anticipation.
Speaking to Radiowaves News he says: “I had a great month at Energy but I’d like to work with a more open-minded music mix.”
Jokingly, he warns not to expect too much at first: “The first week of The Cruise will be a disaster with all the wrong buttons being pushed and lots of ‘erms’ and ‘errrs’ so don’t tune in! After that though, you can expect a laid-back way to drive home with lots of brand new music first, entertainment news, features, text-in agendas, and lots more besides. I’m looking forward to working with what is, without a doubt, the most listened-to pirate station in Dublin – and a nice bunch of peeps besides!”

Ministry FM Closes

Long-running pirate station Ministry FM has ceased broadcasting following representations made to them by ComReg. The dance music station, who had been broadcasting on 93.2MHz FM, were informed that they would be raided unless they closed down: they complied with this request.
All of Ministry’s equipment is now being offered for sale amidst rumours that station personnel are planning on bringing it back.
Ministry started life as Mad Radio with a low-powered signal covering Dublin’s city centre. They changed name to Ministry at the end of 2002 and went from strength to strength. They have closed in the past thanks to official activity, but later returned.
Another dance music station, Flash FM, has now appeared on 93.2MHz FM.