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Chaos Looming Again on 105.7FM?

Two stations claim that they are planning to broadcast on 105.7MHz in Dublin in the near future.
Pulse FM, who have recently been guilty of jumping on frequencies already occupied by other stations, are now claiming in contact with The Anorak Hour that they will relaunch from a new transmission site in the next few weeks. However, the station have made similar claims to Radiowaves News on a number of occasions since they first appeared on air at the start of the year.
Meanwhile, Future FM have also claimed that they will be moving to this frequency soon. The underground dance station presently broadcasts on 93.8MHz.
A strong blank carrier appeared on 105.7MHz during the week but has been off the air today.

Pulse FM is on 105.7

Pulse FM are now claiming that the blank carrier on 105.7MHz in Dublin belongs to them.
Speaking to Radiowaves News, station owner Ben Murray says: “The signal on 105.7 will get more powerful as of Wednesday and an audio loop will be put through it.”
Future FM had also claimed that they would be moving onto the frequency, but that is no longer the case according to Murray: “Future FM will not be going on the frequency after all as they didn’t know we were on 105.7.”
The station have been plagued with technical problems since they launched last February, but Murray says that the problems have now been sorted and “105.7 will be our home from now on”.