Jazz FM

Jazz Off

Jazz FM is presently off air. Yesterday there was hiss and static on their signal and it has transpired that their link aerial has been knocked out of shape. Unfortunately they cannot at present gain access to their transmitter site and they hope to be back on air a.s.a.p. which will probably be some time on Monday.

Jazz FM broadcast to Dublin on 89.8MHz and recently celebrated 5 years on air. This is their first break in programming for over 3 years.

Also off for periods today were Power FM and Kiss FM due to power problems at the transmitter sites.

Jazz Tx Problems

Jazz FM in Dublin were off air overnight because of a problem with their main transmitter. They returned to the airwaves on their 89.8FM frequency at 6.30 this evening.

Jazz FM to Close

Jazz FM will cease broadcasting at 7pm on Sunday December 17th, station manager Ollie Dowling has told Radiowaves.
The station, who broadcast to the capital on 89.8MHz, will be applying for a Jazz/R’n’B/Soul licence in the special interest category of the licence applications, due on the 5th January 2001. They will be winding down from December 1st, when there will be an hourly on-air request for ideas, suggestions and messages of support. Ollie also added that he will be keeping a blank carrier switched on after the closedown to protect the station’s frequency in case the licence application ends in failure. He is not ready to lose it after five years of effort making Jazz FM the station it is and already suspects that there are moves to take over the frequency.
In the meantime, messages of support etc can be sent to the station by any of these methods:- fax: 01 8733612; email: jazzfm@hotmail.com or by snail mail: Jazz FM, PO Box 4845, Dublin 6.
Meanwhile, Jazz FM went off air again this morning at 10.30 and, if it hasn’t returned by this evening, the station’s engineer will be on-site at 7.30 hoping to resolve the problem.

Jazz FM return delayed

Jazz FM’s return to the airwaves has been put back a week, station manager Ollie Dowling told Radiowaves News this evening.
The station was originally due to recommence broadcasts this Friday, but the official relaunch is now scheduled for 4pm on Friday, June 8th. Tests will start over the next few days on 89.8MHz and there is the possibility of some live programming this weekend.
On it’s return, Jazz FM’s schedule will consist of 40 hours live programming each week. This will run from 4pm to midnight on Fridays and 8am to midnight at weekends. Automated programming will make up the rest of the station’s output.

Kiss On Jazz

Kiss FM programming was going out on Jazz FM’s 89.8MHz frequency for a period this evening. Static replaced the dance music before Jazz FM reappeared. This was due to a suspected link problem.

Jam Jazz

Jazz FM returned to air this evening at 7.10pm on their 89.8MHz Dublin frequency. The station have been off since Monday morning at 11am as a result of jamming by person or persons unknown.
Speaking to Radiowaves News this evening, station manager Ollie Dowling said: “Somebody – and not the authorities – has been jamming our link frequency. If anybody has any information about whoever might be doing this we would appreciate it if they let us know.”
The station’s live programming has been cancelled for this weekend and will return next Friday.
Jazz FM can be contacted at jazzfm@hotmail.com or 085 7125778.

Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com (34)

Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com

Hello folks, how is everybody doing? It’s Sunday again and that means it’s time for a new issue of Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com. In this week’s issue you will find the usual: Stations on the air and some mixed news. No stations off the air, no reports came in. Maybe the RDR was on a little holiday? Or my emailbox was flooded? Well, we’ll see next week. Have fun with this weeks issue!

Some people say they aren’t on the air, other people say they are. They are all talking about Radio Eurostad from Rotterdam. If the information is correct, the station should be on the air every weekday from 6pm til 11pm on 104.7 FM. Eurostad plays music from all genres and the hits of today.

Decibel Radio from Zaanstad is broadcasting every Wednesday evening on 96.4 FM.

Flamingo Radio is on air every Tuesday and Thursday on 105 FM with their programmes. From 6pm all requests are played. They broadcast their Dutch folk music with a power of 150 Watts from Den Bosch.

Also from Den Bosch is Radio Maximaal. The station is on the air every weekend on their new frequency, 89.7 FM.

Alfred, the station manager of the well-known shortwave station Alfa Lima International, has become a father for the 3rd time. Because of the birth of his lovely daughter, it was not known if Alfa Lima Int. would be on air this weekend. But if you want to congratulate Alfred with his new kid, please send it to this email address: alinter@rendo.dekooi.nl or visit his website at www.alfalima.net

Laser FM 95.8 from Amsterdam is not on air this weekend because of some unknown technical problems. They wanted to start a new show, which would feature airchecks from big dance pirate radio stations from the past. They wanted to start with Radio Decibel. It is now unknown when this new show will start. More information: www.laserfm.nl

Power Radio Maarsen is one of the Dutch pirate radio stations who made it legal. The station, after several raids and a long fight, became a
legal local radio station.
Power RM is now on air every weekend from Friday 6pm til Sunday
midnight on 105.3 FM and 102 FM on cable. More information can be
found on www.powerrm.nl

Arosa is a pirate radio station which was expected to be back after the summer holidays. However, because of some personal problems and some high fines, the station will remain off the air for the time being. Arosa will be back someday but it’s unknown when this will be. More information at www.radioarosa.nl.nu/

And that was this week’s issue of Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com. I will be back next week, with the latest from the Dutch Pirate Radio scene. Until then, you can reach me with your comments and questions via dijken@etherpiraten.com. Have a great week and don’t do things I would do. All the best, Lex van Dijken.

Anna Livia Get Jazzed Up

Jazz FM listeners would be forgiven for thinking that the station is back on the air if they tuned to Dublin City’s Anna Livia FM on Saturdays. Although Jazz FM have been off the air following the recent ‘Black Tuesday’ purges against Dublin’s unlicensed community, three former presenters with the specialist station are now part of the Saturday line-up on Anna Livia – the licensed special interest station which broadcasts to Dublin on 103.2MHz.

From 3pm Chris Maher presents Soul Kitchen – his show on Jazz FM was called Sunny Side Up. And later in the day, two other former Jazz FM djs go back-to-back between 8 and 10pm. First there’s Black Echoes with John Public, which used to go out on Sunday afternoons on 89.8FM – Jazz FM’s frequency.

Then Seán Brophy, formerly of Sunrise on Sunday mornings on Jazz FM, is on air with his show Jazzorama.

Each of the three presenters are particularly interested in hearing from former listeners to their Jazz FM shows.

Former Jazz FM Presenter Crosses The Line

A former presenter with Dublin pirate station Jazz FM has joined the team at BBC Radio Ulster’s ‘Across the Line’ as the programme’s Dublin correspondent. Jenny Wren, who was the voice of Jazz FM’s Friday drivetime show ‘Naked Radio’ for nearly two years, will be covering Dublin’s clubnights, gathering interviews, and anything else of interest within the Dublin clubbing scene.