Mad Radio

Mad to launch

Mad FM, currently testing, are planning to launch next week broadcasting on 93.2MHz to Dublin’s city centre.

Musical output will be rap and metal and big improvements are promised.

Mad investigations

Dublin’s Mad FM are presently investigating interference problems which has delayed their launch plans. They are currently broadcasting to the city centre on a weak stereo carrier on 93.2MHz and are also thinking about a name change.

Mad to Move

Mad Radio will be off air this week as they are moving studios in an attempt to stop interference to local services. They will also be upgrading their transmitter and hope to be back on air next week with slightly increased power which they say will not affect Raidió na Gaeltachta. 

Mad return

Mad Radio – off air since mid-June – are planning to return to air but without their planned upgrade for the moment. Supplier problems have delayed their return and they plan to broadcast using their previous set-up until new equipment arrives.

Mad FM broadcast to Dublin city centre on 93.2MHz.

Mad Radio confirm return

Mad Radio have confirmed that they will be recommencing broadcasting from this weekend whilst they await new equipment. There are no plans to increase power and they will broadcast the same varied mix of music including rap, dance and metal.

Meanwhile, if there are any community or charity organisations who would like to advertise upcoming events on Mad Radio they would be glad to help out. The details can be sent by e-mail to

Mad Radio broadcast to Dublin city on 93.2MHz. 

Confusion is Mad

Dublin station Mad Radio will broadcast from 101.8MHz using 5-10 watts until the current confusion over 93.2MHz is resolved.


Mad Radio are back on 93.2MHz broadcasting to Dublin’s city centre. The station had moved to 101.8MHz but interference to NEAR FM, the licensed community station for Dublin’s north-east, meant transmissions had to cease. 

Mad Delay

Mad Radio – presently off-air awaiting the arrival of a new compressor and PLL transmitter – will further delay their return until the present situation pans out. A representative of Mad Radio told Radiowaves that there were enough problems at the moment without a power struggle on 93.2MHz giving the ODTR an excuse to raid either station. He also promised that the station would be back on 93.2MHz as soon as possible.

Link: Mad Radio on Radiowaves.FM

Madness – But Not Mad – on 101.8

A blank carrier with no station id has been heard on the controversial 101.8MHz frequency in Dublin which was once occupied by Xtreme FM and, more recently, Mad Radio.

Neither station lasted long on the frequency because of interference to the licensed North-East Dublin service NEAR FM on 101.6FM – although Xtreme FM attempted to use it a second time.

No such thoughts occupy the minds of anyone at Mad Radio who this evening confirmed that the carrier had nothing to do with them.

Comment: 101.8…”COUNTRY.” on 103.7…there may be a lack of space on the band but broadcasting on these frequencies is begging for trouble.