ODTR Mix it up

The Irish Mix received the dreaded call from the ODTR yesterday asking them to cease transmissions. The Dublin station are still on air at present.

Mix to Move

The Irish Mix are planning on a studio move shortly which may necessitate being off air for a period of time. Station owner Alan Hunter also has a website under construction at shamrockfm.com.

Dodgy Mix

The Irish Mix were suffering audio problems today and were off air for a long period from 7.30 this evening.

Mix Off Again

The Irish Mix were again off air for long periods this morning but are now back on their frequency of 90.3MHz.

Mix Down

The Irish Mix have been off air for the past couple of days with equipment problems and hope to return sometime this evening. They broadcast on 90.3MHz on your Dublin dial.

Out of their Zone

Dublin station Pulse FM are back on air again, and are once again broadcasting on a frequency already used by another station. Now operating on 102.5MHz, this frequency has been occupied by weekend rock service ‘The Zone’ since March of last year.

Dublin station Pulse FM are back on air again, and are once again broadcasting on a frequency already used by another station. Now operating on 102.5MHz, this frequency has been occupied by weekend rock service 'The Zone' since March of last year.

Speaking to Radiowaves News this evening, The Zone’s station manager expressed his disappointment at these latest developments: “Without any regard to the station already broadcasting on this frequency, the operators of Pulse FM believe they can just occupy the frequency and cause severe interference with the Zone’s weekend service. While we are acutely conscious that no illegal operator owns any frequency, one would like to hope that even in a competitive environment, no one station would run rough-shot over another.”

Pulse FM first started in February of this year and have already been involved in a few frequency disputes, the most recent being a very public falling out with Breeze FM over the use of 105.7MHz.

Out of The Zone

The Zone’s weekend rock service has temporarily ceased broadcasting on 102.5MHz in Dublin. This follows the station’s submission of an expression of interest in a new Dublin licence to the BCI. The automated service is still streaming on the net at rtsp://www.thezone1025.com/the zone.sdp using Quicktime.

Doing the Twist

A new music station is on air in Dublin. With an RDS displaying ‘TWIST FM’, the new signal is broadcasting on 93.8MHz FM and declaring itself as ‘the future sound of radio’. Passion FM’s relay ino Dublin on this frequency has ceased.

An Automated Station With a Twist

Twist FM is an automated station with a difference. Whereas with the majority of computerised stations you’ll hear the same songs over and over, Twist FM guarantee that you won’t hear the same song twice in a week.
It’s a proud boast and it comes from the station’s operator who is fed up with the same old bland radio pumping out across the capital: “I wanted something different,” he told Radiowaves News today.
“On Twist FM there are no competitions, no giveaways. You don’t have to stay tuned for hours on end to hear the next clue in a giveaway. With Twist FM you can tune in and out whenever you fancy hearing something different.”

In many other ways the station is very different. Twist FM first appeared on 93.8MHz FM in Dublin last weekend…and, where most stations start with a whimper, Twist FM appeared with a bang – a strong signal, RDS, jingles, all were already in place.
The playlist is as irregular as they come. Apart from the non-stop dance music at weekends, any genre from any era can be expected at any time, although there are plans to offer a more regimented playlist at particular times in future.
“I’m tired of hearing the same links at the same time every single day on regular radio stations,” the station manager continued. “Twist FM is a jukebox – no djs wrecking your head.”

The station will develop over the coming weeks. There are plans that have still to be put in place, ideas which haven’t yet been tried on radio in Dublin.

Twist FM, the radio station with a difference and not stifled by regulation, may develop a new exciting radio vibe.

Dublin FM Warming Up Again

Dublin’s FM band is warming up again with the addition of two aptly-named stations. Now broadcasting on 94.3MHz FM, dance music station Hot FM have also been on extremely low power on 102.9MHz in recent weeks. Despite using the same jingle package, this is not the same Hot FM as operated by Frank Kennedy. Meanwhile, the station broadcasting dance music on 105.7MHz FM have finally identified as The Heat.
Other pirate stations on air in the capital this weekend include: the rock and pop oldies station on test broadcast on 88.1MHz; Nova 946; Sun FM on 101.3MHz; The Zone on 102.5MHz; & Passion FM on 105.3MHz.