Twist FM

Doing the Twist

A new music station is on air in Dublin. With an RDS displaying ‘TWIST FM’, the new signal is broadcasting on 93.8MHz FM and declaring itself as ‘the future sound of radio’. Passion FM’s relay ino Dublin on this frequency has ceased.

An Automated Station With a Twist

Twist FM is an automated station with a difference. Whereas with the majority of computerised stations you’ll hear the same songs over and over, Twist FM guarantee that you won’t hear the same song twice in a week.
It’s a proud boast and it comes from the station’s operator who is fed up with the same old bland radio pumping out across the capital: “I wanted something different,” he told Radiowaves News today.
“On Twist FM there are no competitions, no giveaways. You don’t have to stay tuned for hours on end to hear the next clue in a giveaway. With Twist FM you can tune in and out whenever you fancy hearing something different.”

In many other ways the station is very different. Twist FM first appeared on 93.8MHz FM in Dublin last weekend…and, where most stations start with a whimper, Twist FM appeared with a bang – a strong signal, RDS, jingles, all were already in place.
The playlist is as irregular as they come. Apart from the non-stop dance music at weekends, any genre from any era can be expected at any time, although there are plans to offer a more regimented playlist at particular times in future.
“I’m tired of hearing the same links at the same time every single day on regular radio stations,” the station manager continued. “Twist FM is a jukebox – no djs wrecking your head.”

The station will develop over the coming weeks. There are plans that have still to be put in place, ideas which haven’t yet been tried on radio in Dublin.

Twist FM, the radio station with a difference and not stifled by regulation, may develop a new exciting radio vibe.