Radio – But Not As We Know It

WXTC – formerly Radio Caroline Dublin – is a new project offering radio on demand over the internet. All of the Radio Caroline Dublin shows previously heard on FM will be available on a weekly basis and can be accessed at any time. Live streams are also planned for special weekends. To listen to the first pilot show go to: http://radio.wxtc.net/


Automated programmes from WXTCs library are test broadcasting today in MP3 format from the station’s website or, using winamp, by typing in this address DX reports are welcomed at radio@wxtc.net. New shows have also recently been added to the site.

Five’s Alive Again

Both BBC Five Live and WRN have been restored to NTL’s cable network in Dublin. Five Live can be heard through NTL on 95.1MHz whilst WRN is tuneable on 102.7MHz.

Meanwhile, as a result, WXTC have confirmed that their relay of BBC Five Live will resume this evening following their own live programming and they plan to relay the British network as much as possible during the run-in to the UK general election.

Dublin FM News

WXTC are off the air today. WXTC have been broadcasting to the city on 91.6MHz for the past few months.

The Cross Rhythms relay, which has suffered appalling audio problems for the past few weeks, was on a blank carrier for most of today. The spluttering Cross Rhythms relay can be heard on 98.4MHz.