Pulse FM 94.4

Pulse beating on and off

Pulse FM were off air up until 4pm today following their first outing on 94.4MHz in Dublin yesterday.
“This was to allow work on our transmitter and aerial rig to increase power,” station manager Stephen Redmond told Radiowaves News this evening.
The station can be contacted with reception reports etc at  pulse94@dublin.com or on 086 3181282.

Pulse stopped beating

Dublin’s newest dance station, Pulse 94FM, have been off air again since last night. Speaking to Radiowaves News station manager Stephen Redmond explained: “Due to high winds taking our mast down, our transistor blew during the night. We hope to be back on air sometime during the week.”

Pulse make a move

Dublin dance music station Pulse FM have changed frequency. The station have shifted from 94.1MHz FM to 94.6MHz FM to ensure that they do not cause interference to upcoming temporarily-licenced college stations on 94.3MHz FM.