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Familiar Branding for Brand New Station

The new licensed station for the north-west is now on air. Ocean FM launched on Saturday morning with a host of familiar names – not least of them was Gay Byrne, the main guest interviewee. Local listeners will have recognised some of the staff, a few of them have spent time working with North West Radio, the former licence-holder for the area whose death throes were painfully broadcast on Friday afternoon. Other on-air names, such as Mike Maloney & Alan Corcoran, will be familiar to national audiences. But for a small number of observant radio enthusiasts, the familiarity doesn’t stop with the station’s staff. It actually extends to a small Dublin-based Irish language community radio station.
So, what connection could a small station which relies solely on volunteers, have with a new, slick, commercial giant who broadcast to the other end of the country? Apart from Ocean FM’s Irish language programme ‘Cois na Tine’, the answer lies in the imaging, or more specifically, the stations’ logos. Considering that they are named after the river which bisects the capital, it would surprise nobody to learn that Raidió na Life use a water-based theme in their logo. There would also be be no shock in learning, considering their name and location, that Ocean FM also use a water-based theme for their logo. But, what has amazed some – including one ‘astonished’ Raidió na Life researcher who spoke to Radiowaves News this evening – is the fact that Ocean FM have come up with a logo which is an almost exact replica of the one which has been used by the Dublin station for most of their eleven years on air.
Raidió na Life’s station manager Fionnuala Mac Aodha is also taken aback by the similarity. “Ocean’s logo certainly bears a striking resemblance to ours,” she said tonight.

Raidió na Life's good old brand
Raidió na Life’s good old brand
The brand new Ocean FM
The brand new Ocean FM

New series for schools starts on na Life

A  brand new radio series for primary school children commences today at 6pm on Raidió na Life 106.4FM, Dublin’s Irish Language radio station. Raidió na nÓg is hosted by TG4 television personality Niall MacDonagh and will be available to almost 470 schools around Dublin city and county. Each week Raidió na nÓg profiles a different primary school, where the kids get the opportunity to introduce us to their own school from their own unique perspective. The show will feature special guests, reviews, comedy scetches and competitions. One of the main aims of the series is to encourage children between the ages of seven and twelve to listen to radio in a fun and educational way. The shows will also be available online as podcasts from the station’s website, allowing teachers to play it back in the classroom.

Featuring uniquely commissioned music from Stellarsound, Raidió na nÓg is produced by Fíbín Teo for Raidió na Life 106.4FM, and is part-funded by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (