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Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com

Hello Folks, welcome to a new issue of Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com. In this issue you will find: Stations off the air, Stations on the air and the Dutch Pirate Radio Site of the week. Enjoy reading!!

The illegal radio station Paradijs from Baarn was only on the air for half an hour before the RDR came knocking at the door. Paradijs had to turn in his transmitter and will receive a fine. Normally, Paradijs is on air every Saturday evening with his radio show.

On Tuesday March 20th, the Talentoteam from Slagharen was taken off the air by Mr. Nijland of the RDR. The transmitter was taken but the people behind the station told us that they would be back on the air real soon.

On Saturday March 24th, the people behind Starpoint FM from Hilversum thought they were busted because their transmitter was off the air when they woke up. Had the RDR come by?? Did they take the transmitter off the air?? One of the DJ’s took a look at the transmitter site and found that the transmitter was indeed off air. After some technical adjustments, the transmitter was turned back on and they are back on the air again. So, sometimes, if a station suddenly leaves the airwaves, it doesn’t always mean that they have been busted by the RDR.

Soon, Oldenzaal wil have a new radio station. Radio Kreeveld [FM] is the station name and they will broadcast on 99.6 FM. They will also broadcast via the World Wide Web. They hope to be on the air by Easter.

Since January 2001, Radio de Zilvermeeuw is on air every Tuesday evening at 19:00h on 94.5 FM.

Last but not least, Laser FM 95.8 are back on the air after a few weekends of technical difficulties. They play the best dance classics and house tunes on your radio and also broadcast via the Internet. You can find a link to their Internet broadcast on their new website www.laserfm.nl. The site is also in English, so take a look.

Again this week not a real website but a photo page. Here you will find a lot of photo’s of transmitters, antenna towers, studio’s etc. And there are plenty of them. Take a look at: http://www.etherpiraten.com/fotoboek/fotos.htm.

Yes folks, this is the end once again. At the moment, I’m still very busy in my new house and because of all the hassle, we are behind schedule. I really hope that we will be done soon. For ourselves but also for your readers. Because of the lack of time, the Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com remains small, simply because
I don’t have the time at the moment to search the web for some more news. I really
hope you’ll understand and the only thing I can promise you all is that it will get better in the very near future.

As usual, you can send your comments, reactions and questions to dijken@etherpiraten.com and I will be back next week with a new (and probably another small) issue of Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com. Have a great week and see you all next Sunday.All the best, Lex van Dijken

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Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com

Hello folks, it’s Sunday again and that means a brand new issue of Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com. In this issue we have some stations off air and stations on air. Enjoy your reading!

As usual, some Pirate Radio stations have received a little visit from the RDR. The Ether-kruizers from De Krim had the ‘honour’ of receiving a visit on Friday March 30th. The RDR came a few minutes after 6pm and the transmitter was taken away.

On Saturday March 31st, the Twentse Torre was taken off the air by the Dutch guard-dogs of the airwaves. They came at around 1pm and as usual, the transmitter was taken. Twentse Torre was broadcasting on the very famous 97.15 FM frequency.

Some thought is was a joke, but even on April Fools day, the RDR were busy tracking down an illegal station. After 3 years of continious broadcasting every weekend, Relax FM from L’dam was taken off the air. 2 gentleman from the RDR, with some police backup, arrived at the transmitter site around 8:45pm and took the station off the air. It is not known whether the station will return to the airwaves, but they suggest to keep a close look on their frequency, 93.7 FM. Also, some DJ’s at Relax FM stated that there were no hard feelings against the RDR. ‘What we do is illegal and the RDR are simply doing their job’.

Some listeners were worried last week when they didn’t hear their favorite station on the air. Radio Concorde, who normally broadcast every Saturday on 95 FM, didn’t come on air, but it was not because of RDR activity. They are re-building their studio and they were behind schedule and so were not in a position to come on. They hope to be back as soon as possible.

HitRadio Galaxy is ceasing their programs on the FM dial. But the real fans of Galaxy are not losing their station. HitRadio Galaxy will continue on 1611 khz MW. At the moment the transmitter power is 100 Watts, but they hope to increase that power as soon as possible. There will be also a change of format. From now on they will play Golden Oldies and Folk music (polka’s etc). (LvD Thoughts: it’s very unusual for a station to leave the FM dial to continue on MW. Usually it’s the other way around. But maybe, when conditions are good, it might be possible to receive HitRadio Galaxy on 1611 khz. Give it a try !!).

Last week I mentioned the plans of Kreeveld FM from Oldebroek. And now it’s official, Kreeveld FM will come on the air on 1st Easter day. We are looking forward to hearing what the station will bring us.

Studio Atlantico has changed name, frequency and transmitter power. They were broadcasting on 96 FM with 150 Watts in Stereo. But from now on, the frequency will be 93.6 FM under the new name Studio Valencia. This is also very common in Holland – stations switching names and frequencies. One of the reasons, as some stations give us, is that they think they will set the RDR on the wrong foot and that they can stay on the air for a longer period of time.

Tatra FM is on the air every Friday and Saturday on 94.5 FM in the Twente Region.

Last but not least, Starpoint Dance FM from Hilversum. After the weekend with technical differculties they seem to have got it right again. Reports came in that their signal is much stronger then before. So, every weekend from Friday 6pm till Sunday midnight on 93.7, ‘Bringing the beats’, Starpoint Dance FM !!.

Ok folks, there you have it, the latest news from the Dutch Pirate Radio Scene.
Next week we will have a new Dutch Pirate Radio Site of the week AND we will
report about the raid on the Matrix Team from Emmeloord. While I was writing this
issue, I received a phone call about the raid and next week I will tell you all about
it. Till then, have a great week and as always, you can send your comments,
questions and reactions to dijken@etherpiraten.com . See you next week with the
latest Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com. Make sure you’ll be here
at Radiowaves.fm.
All the best, Lex van Dijken.

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Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com

Hello folks, how is everybody doing? It’s Sunday again and that means it’s time for a new issue of Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com. In this week’s issue you will find the usual: Stations on the air and some mixed news. No stations off the air, no reports came in. Maybe the RDR was on a little holiday? Or my emailbox was flooded? Well, we’ll see next week. Have fun with this weeks issue!

Some people say they aren’t on the air, other people say they are. They are all talking about Radio Eurostad from Rotterdam. If the information is correct, the station should be on the air every weekday from 6pm til 11pm on 104.7 FM. Eurostad plays music from all genres and the hits of today.

Decibel Radio from Zaanstad is broadcasting every Wednesday evening on 96.4 FM.

Flamingo Radio is on air every Tuesday and Thursday on 105 FM with their programmes. From 6pm all requests are played. They broadcast their Dutch folk music with a power of 150 Watts from Den Bosch.

Also from Den Bosch is Radio Maximaal. The station is on the air every weekend on their new frequency, 89.7 FM.

Alfred, the station manager of the well-known shortwave station Alfa Lima International, has become a father for the 3rd time. Because of the birth of his lovely daughter, it was not known if Alfa Lima Int. would be on air this weekend. But if you want to congratulate Alfred with his new kid, please send it to this email address: alinter@rendo.dekooi.nl or visit his website at www.alfalima.net

Laser FM 95.8 from Amsterdam is not on air this weekend because of some unknown technical problems. They wanted to start a new show, which would feature airchecks from big dance pirate radio stations from the past. They wanted to start with Radio Decibel. It is now unknown when this new show will start. More information: www.laserfm.nl

Power Radio Maarsen is one of the Dutch pirate radio stations who made it legal. The station, after several raids and a long fight, became a
legal local radio station.
Power RM is now on air every weekend from Friday 6pm til Sunday
midnight on 105.3 FM and 102 FM on cable. More information can be
found on www.powerrm.nl

Arosa is a pirate radio station which was expected to be back after the summer holidays. However, because of some personal problems and some high fines, the station will remain off the air for the time being. Arosa will be back someday but it’s unknown when this will be. More information at www.radioarosa.nl.nu/

And that was this week’s issue of Dutch Pirate Radio News From Etherpiraten.com. I will be back next week, with the latest from the Dutch Pirate Radio scene. Until then, you can reach me with your comments and questions via dijken@etherpiraten.com. Have a great week and don’t do things I would do. All the best, Lex van Dijken.