Energy 106.6FM

UFO Spotted at Alien Mountain

A large UFO has been spotted at the Energy/Magic tower, according to station engineer Miles J.
“A Radio Star engineer working at the transmitters looked up to see the large oval UFO, which made itself scarce once it was seen”, he told Radiowaves.
The engineer was in the process of putting Magic 105 back on the air.
Similar claims have been made in the past, most noticeably by Energy 106 station manager Lawrence John, who says he has been abducted by aliens.

Compensation Claim

Northern Irish owned station Energy 106 are planning to claim compensation from the ODTR following the recent withdrawal of power supply from the station’s transmitter site, according to Miles J, the station’s engineer.
Speaking to Radiowaves News today, Miles claimed that the removal of electricity supply, which was ordered against the pirate station by the ODTR last month, had caused considerable damage to the station’s main transmission equipment at their transmitter site in Co Monaghan.
“Without doubt, the ODTR will take this as a major victory against the Energy 106 station,” he said. “When you are dealing with 7,000 volts, you just do not mess about. The ODTR has cost Energy at least £4-5,000 worth of direct component damage, plus the complete loss of thousands of pounds worth of advertising and sponsorship revenue. Obviously when the time comes these substantial costs will be levelled at the ODTR for compensation.”
Miles also said that the severe climate at Alien Mountain has also caused damage to equipment.