Galway Stations

Energy’s Mixed frequencies

Energy Mix, a new station which will be playing ’90s music and today’s hits in Galway, will launch within two weeks. The station activated a blank carrier on 106.5MHz early last week, but following a day off the air, found a relay of UCB had taken their place by Thursday.
Speaking to Radiowaves News today, a station spokesman said that they will be back on air this evening using the higher end of the band on a frequency to be confirmed.
“We had a specially-made package of jingles for 106.5MHz so we are understandably disappointed,” he said. “When we realised the UCB relay had turned up on 106.5, our plan was then to start on 106.3FM, but now that Mix 106 are on, we want to wish them the best of luck and hopefully we can work together with the ‘other Mix’ sometime in the future.”

Mix off

Playing chart music, Mix 106 started in Galway on 106.3Mhz last Thursday. However, the station have been off the air today.

Mock the ads

A complaint made against the breakfast crew at Galway Bay FM could not be fully determined by the BCC because no recording of the incident was available. Presenters Jimmy Norman and Ollie Turner were accused by commercial producer Jonathan Davis of mocking his voice for a “substantial amount of time” after one of his adverts played on the station. The programme was heard by staff at Super Valu Gort, which was the subject of the advertisement. Davis felt that the incident was “totally unacceptable”, damaging the integrity of the product, the effectiveness of the advert and, most importantly, his voice – the tool of his trade. Calling it a clear case of slander, Davis claimed that even in the days before regulation of the radio sector on unlicensed stations everyone knew that adverts were sacrosanct.
The BCC requires broadcasters to retain recordings of their output for 90 days. However no recording was available of this incident, leading the BCC to find Galway Bay FM in breach of Section 26 of the Broadcasting Act 2001.
The station have apologised for any hurt the incident caused but claim that the presenters, who broadcast in a humorous manner, only referenced the content of the advertisement and not Davis himself. They further state that Davis has dealt with them on a number of occasions, and at times is quite demanding and condescending to those he deals with within their station.


Galway Bay FM to put their listeners in the know

Galway Bay FM are about to introduce a unique new feature by offering competition text alerts to listeners. From February 4th, the station will send out weekly texts with information on competitions and prizes that will be featured on Galway Bay FM shows the following week.

The station will also keep listeners updated with what is happening on “The Keith Finnegan Show” with daily text alerts about topics that will be featured on the show before it goes to air.

Galway Bay FM CEO Keith Finnegan is excited about this new interactive text facility. He says: “It’s yet another first for Galway Bay FM; it puts us in direct contact with our listeners and gives them the information before anyone else as to what is on your radio station and when. This is just another example of how modern radio is going direct to the listeners.”

Galway Bay FM Promotions Co-ordinator Padraic Flaherty adds: “This service is for people who want more from radio, which is what we are providing. E-technology coupled with radio will be a winning combination and we are confident that our listeners will embrace this service.”

New competition from Galway’s diamond geezers

Galway Bay FM are launching a competition next week in which the station will be giving away an 18ct, White Gold, Three Stone Diamond engagement ring. The ring has been hidden and clues about its location will be given on all shows on Galway Bay FM. Contestants have to guess the location to win the ring and a €200 voucher towards a wedding.

Promotions Co-ordinator Padraic Flaherty spoke about the upcoming ‘Diamond Hijack’: “This competition has got legs and will be very exciting to our listeners. What better way of celebrating Valentine’s Day than winning a diamond engagement ring. All you’ve got to do is collect the clues and win. Is it that easy, perhaps not, but you must listen and you could win.”