Virgin Radio

High-ranking Virgin

Virgin Radio – the UK adult contemporary station – have been ranked the third most listened to online station worldwide.
First and second places went to internet only stations provided by NetRadio.
Stations were ranked by the total amount of hours spent listening.

Top Virgin

Virgin Radio in the UK are now the most listened to station on the internet. Arbitron today released findings for the month of July which, according to “Aggregate Tuning Hours”, places Virgin Radio in top place – a jump of one place from previously published figures.

Virgin on Racism?

National UK station Virgin Radio has been accused of racism. Following a recent decision to omit manufactured pop bands from their playlist, Virgin have added the R’n’B and rap genres to the ‘banned’ list of ‘processed crap’. According to the station’s website, Virgin’s boss “has [also] had enough of ‘any R’n’B or rap act'”.
The station’s policy has been condemned as ‘verging on racism’ by industry insiders. R ‘n’ B and Rap music is made by predominently black artists. Virgin Radio claim that it is all just a bit of fun.