Magic FM

Limerick Latest

Test transmissions from a station called Hot FM have been heard on 107.0MHz in Limerick in the past few days. The station had an RDS reading of HOT FM.
Country Gold has also been heard testing in Limerick on 103.0MHz with a playlist consisting of continuous Country and Sixties music.
Other unlicensed stations on in the city are: UCB on 87.7FM; Radio Limerick One on both 100.0FM and 105.0FM; Radio Galtee on 102.4FM; Magic 103.2; Image FM (RDS IMAGE FM) on 105.4FM and Kiss FM (RDS KISS) on 106.0FM and 106.3FM.

Magic Forced to Disappear

“The day we thought would never come arrived this Halloween,” a spokesperson for Magic FM in Limerick told Radiowaves News this evening. “We’ve had an official visit from the ODTR to the transmitting site issuing a warning to ‘cease the illegal broadcasting immediately or face prosecution’. We’ve decided to do what they’ve asked.”
Magic FM were an alternative rock station on 107.6MHz. They issued the following statement: “To all who’ve tuned our way in Limerick we want to say thanks. Thanks also to everyone involved in running the station over the past three years. Thanks to all at Radiowaves for the insight into what was going on around the country. Basically thanks to everyone who was involved, either directly or indirectly. We’ll miss the crack that was to be had.”