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Timeline: Politicians board Drogheda ‘pirates’ amid TV complaints

Politicians board Drogheda ‘pirates’ amid TV complaints was a newspaper headline from The Sunday Tribune dated February 14th 1982

Sunday Tribune – February 14th 1982

Politicians board Drogheda ‘pirates’ amid TV complaints

by Tom Higgins

While the Taoiseach Dr FitzGerald was using the pirate Drogheda Community Radio soapbox last Wednesday, an estimated 25% of television viewers in the town were being deprived of RTÉ1 and ITV due to interference caused by the illegal broadcasters.

The three pirate stations at present operating in Drogheda have been playing havoc with TV reception since before Christmas and angry residents have now threatened not to pay their licence fees unless their reception is restored. In some estates, residents say RTÉ1 hasn’t been received at all since December 15. The engineer in charge of reception investigations at RTÉ Mr Patrick Keys explained: “We found that the trouble is being caused by a VHF transmitter which was being used by Drogheda Community Radio to beam a signal to its medium wave equipment at Ross Naree Hotel, a couple of miles outside the town. In the light of these findings it is now up to the Department of Posts and Telegraphs to take appropriate action.” A spokeswoman for the Department of Posts and Telegraphs said they were aware of the situation in Drogheda and were considering what action, if any to take.

Campaign against Energy 106

A campaign is being waged by a collective of licensed stations in the North with the aim of forcing Energy 106 off the air by mid-April, Miles J – who is a spokesman for the unlicensed station – claims.
“This includes the disruption of other businesses owned by some investors in Energy,” Miles told Radiowaves News. “In true paramilitary style, intimidation of group managers, record company executives, and Estate Agents’ sales staff has been used to seriously disrupt Energy’s source of revenue. Also as a result of this pressure, Atomic Kitten were recently forced to pull out of two massive Energy gigs, promoted by station owner Lawrence John.”
JICRAR has allegedly been asked to provide detailed figures on three unlicensed stations – Magic 105, Energy 106 and Kiss 106 – as the collective “others” term is insufficient. The surveys have shown that while the three unlicensed station brands are getting good recalls in the surveys, advertising revenues for the licensed sector is falling.
Energy 106.6, is a dance music station serving Greater Belfast, and Mid Ulster. Magic 105 is an automated oldies station and operates an interactive radio service via their website. Kiss 106 is a Dance/MOR station serving parts of Ulster on 106.0MHz and Leinster on 101.2MHz.

Power Hits will return

Power Hits 107FM are off air for technical reasons only, a station spokesman told Radiowaves News tonight. The Drogheda station received a visit from the ODTR last Wednesday, but say they will be back on air in two weeks with a newly installed processor and automated radio software.

Kiss move

Dundalk’s Kiss FM have shifted frequency slightly to 105.8MHz. This is as a result of strong tests from Dublin licensed newcomer Newstalk on their 106.0MHz channel.