WIld Country

Kiss, Wild Raided

North-east stations Kiss FM and Wild Country were both raided by ComReg this afternoon. The regulators took thousands of euro worth of equipment, forcing both stations off the air. Both Kiss FM and Wild Country are operated by the same group.
Other unlicensed stations in the area switched off as a precaution against raids.
According to eye-witness accounts, ComReg also paid a visit to Clanrye FM’s site. The station’s elderly operator had taken his gear out of his hut – which is in the field next to Kiss FM’s site – during the Kiss raid and hid the transmitter in some gorse bushes. This was taken following a search by the ComReg officials. Although no search warrant was produced, they also took a Denon tuner from Clanrye’s hut.
Clanrye had only returned to air last Thursday following a theft two weeks ago in which they lost a brand new 300w rig.

Wild Country Have Been Tamed

Wild Country, the station broadcasting from Louth on 103.6MHz, today had their transmission site raided by officials from ComReg and An Garda Síochána.

The site, located at Edentupper, received the visit at around 11.30am. Transmissions ceased minutes later. Equipment valued at €16,000 was taken.

The station have since issued a statement:-
“While we fully acknowledge that our station was operating without a licence, it has filled a valuable void which has been left for local radio, particularly in the South Armagh and Down areas since the departure of Q radio from their Newry Studio.

“We had been broadcasting the public health advisories on Covid-19 twice an hour for both North and South and if the reaction to our station over the lockdown is anything to go by, we feel we have made this difficult period easier for our listeners by providing Irish and American country music around the clock.

“Alas, this came to an end today. Why it took 6 members of ComReg, together with Gardai to do this we will never understand, when a simple phone call to us from the authorities would have sufficed.

“We would like to thank our many listeners and assure them that our station will continue online via the radiogarden app.”