Shannonside Northern Sound

Shannonside Northern Sound launch 2010 challenge

Presenters and listeners to Shannonside Northern Sound are facing four weeks of training, hard work and dedication as the station launched ‘Twenty Ten – The challenge’ this week. Four of the station’s best-known Presenters were tasked to recruit a dedicated listener from their programme to join them in completing a challenge but neither presenter nor listener had any idea what the challenge might be until they signed up!

On Monday morning all four presenters, plus volunteers, joined Shannonside Northern Sound’s presenter Joe Finnegan in studio to dip into the challenge drum and find out what lay in store. A variety of possible challenges awaited, including show jumping, tight rope walking, learning a foreign language or even jumping out of an aeroplane!

John Lee, partnered by Michelle, discovered that he must learn to sing before completing the task in front of a live audience.

Sean McCaffrey will be joined by Dylan in hopes of becoming a magician. The duo must bring their magic show on the road performing for the school children of counties Cavan and Monaghan.

Pete Casey and listener Vincent must learn an entire dance routine before performing at a popular dance school show while Johnny O Keefe and volunteer Shane will acquire all the skills needed to woo a lovely lady in the kitchen by learning how to cook a romantic meal just in time for Valentines Day.

Each challenge was chosen at random, and while some teams were initially pleased with their pick, the reality of training, homework and public performances are only just becoming a reality.

Teams will be mentored by expert trainers in their chosen field and regular updates on how they’re doing are available throughout the day on Shannonside Northern Sound.

Speaking about the innovative promotion, programme co-ordinator Eithne Kelly explains: “We appreciate that many of our listeners make resolutions in the New Year and as the local station we wanted to support and encourage them by setting our own challenge for the new decade 2010.”