Magic 105

More Magic

Magic 105 have announced that they are testing a new sister station called Magic Country on Sunday and Tuesday nights on their 105.1MHz frequency. They hope to have the new station running 24 hours on 107.7MHz soon.
Magic 105 broadcasts into Northern Ireland from a transmission site based in Monaghan.

Less Energy

Energy 106 FM is running on substantially reduced power due to damage incurred from repeated ESB power failures up at Alien Mountain, Co Monaghan. This may lead to a delay in the introduction of the Magic – Power Country service on 107.7 while the main Energy 106.6 6KW transmitter is repaired. This also effects the Magic 105 service to the west on 105.8.

Raids Expected

Magic 105, Kiss 106 and Energy 106 face the threat of raids following recent correspondence between Jim Rodgers of the UUP in Northern Ireland and An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, whose reply stated that it is an urgent priority to have the stations raided.
Report: Miles J

Magic Requests

Magic 105FM are working on plans to introduce online requests with a new interactive twist through their website. They are hoping to have this facility within the next few weeks. Magic 105 broadcast from Co Monaghan into Northern Ireland on 105.1FM and 105.8FM.

Comment: Stay tuned for details (ouch!)

Magic I

Details of Monaghan-based Magic 105’s new interactive services – entitled Magic ‘I’ – are now being released by the station and they hope to have it running by next week.

Online requests will be one feature whereby a user will be able to pick a song from a large database and schedule it to play at a specified point in the future. This feature will also be available via WAP phone technology.

Recorded messages for airplay similar to a service already offered by TalkSport are also planned and the station hope to make use of their moving RDS by showing scrolling request details.

It will also be possible for presenters from anywhere worldwide to make their own shows for airplay using the service.

The Magic ‘I’ will be available in off-peak hours only.

Comment: Innovative and exciting plans. Not just music!

UFO Spotted at Alien Mountain

A large UFO has been spotted at the Energy/Magic tower, according to station engineer Miles J.
“A Radio Star engineer working at the transmitters looked up to see the large oval UFO, which made itself scarce once it was seen”, he told Radiowaves.
The engineer was in the process of putting Magic 105 back on the air.
Similar claims have been made in the past, most noticeably by Energy 106 station manager Lawrence John, who says he has been abducted by aliens.

Magical Web

The newly revamped Magic 105 website is now live online. It includes the revolutionary Magic ‘I’ interactive service – expertly designed and provided by Northern Ireland Webmasters – which will be on test for the next six weeks.
Magic 105 broadcasts to Northern Ireland on 105.1FM and 105.8FM plus the newly launched 101.5FM.

Raids Silence Border Pirates

The north-eastern based border pirates were all off the air last night following a raid on Alien Mountain which targeted Magic 105, Energy 106 & Choice 107.7FM. It is thought that the other stations – such as Kiss FM (rebranded as a Country station) & Storm 106.2FM – all went off for precautionary reasons, as Kiss FM & Storm 106.2 were back on air this afternoon. Tonight Magic 105 have also returned despite having most of their equipment taken.

The border pirates are a special breed of stations that broadcast from the more relaxed Republic into Northern Ireland, which falls under the remit of the UK authorities who are less tolerant of unlicensed broadcasts.