Premier FM

Premier team ready to embrace a Lady

Premier FM have now been allocated a frequency on which to broadcast into Limerick. The temporarily-licensed multi-city oldies station will, barring any last-minute hitches, be available in the city made famous by the song “Limerick, You’re a Lady” from this weekend on 99.9MHz FM. They were due to be on air there from last weekend but their broadcast site proved unsuitable for use. This made it impossible to launch until a new site was found.
“We are really looking forward to broadcasting into Limerick,” said Paul Shepherd, Premier FM’s Operations Director, speaking to Radiowaves News today. “The response from Cork and Galway has been truly amazing – way, way beyond all our expectations.”
Answering criticisms that the station came across as being very Dublin-focused on air, Paul says that there will be some new jingles rolling out as soon as they are available in all four cities.
“We were also ready to run some opt-out programmes expecially for each city,” Paul says. However the BCI preferred that the station focused on getting a signal into each city and gauging the reaction. “In retrospect that was a good thing,” Paul admits.
Premier FM have been licensed to broadcast at weekends until mid-June and are already available in Dublin on 92.1MHz FM, Cork on 106.7MHz FM and Galway on 104.9MHz FM.