New Relay on 1593

Cross Rhythms Radio is now being relayed on 1593kHz on medium wave, which was the frequency ABC in Dublin had planned to use.
The signal is strongest in Northern areas of the country and the station’s Christian music programming has also been heard on this frequency in North-West England and Scotland.
Cross Rhythms is part of the UCB (United Christian Broadcasting) stable and they have a website which you can visit at

Comment: Plans for an Irish am music service on 1593 now on hold due to divine intervention!

UCB Return to Dublin

UCB can be heard in Dublin once again. Their Christian broadcasts are being relayed on 549kHz on the medium wave band.

Comment: Presumably the ODTR would pray for forgiveness after a raid?

Gold Relays

Capital Gold, the classic hits station from London, was relayed overnight on FM in Dublin through the transmitters of ABC 94FM. Relays started late last night and continued through until lunchtime today when a continuous compilation of unidentified music was broadcast for about an hour before the relay resumed – this time from CLASSIC GOLD which aired for the afternoon. From 5pm transmissions returned to continuous looping music with neither idents or RDS. These lasted through to the early hours before a relay of Classic Gold resumed. Relays went out on both 94.3MHz and 87.6MHz.

Comment: Someone’s got their Sky Digital installed!

More Relays

Planet Rock is today’s Sky Digital selection on 94.3FM and 87.6FM in Dublin. Classic Gold was relayed for most of yesterday until a return to the unidentified music mix last night.

Comment: Maybe they’re taking station requests?

Gold Relay

Capitol Gold is today’s Sky Digital selection on 94.3MHz and 87.6MHz which was interrupted for an hour by the now customary lunchtime return to the unidentified music mix.

Comment: Anything is better than the previous relays of Classic Gold with their selection of aging dj’s who were out of fashion before they were even born!

Mix Relay

Those with their receivers tuned to 87.6 and 94.3FM in Dublin today are being treated to a relay of The Mix through Sky Digital.

UCB Relay Off Air

UCB’s relay on 549kHz went off air last night at 11pm. This was caused by a melt-down in the 3 phase supply causing a power blackout on site. It may take several days before broadcasting can recommence.

UCB Relay Returns

The Irish-based relay of UCB returned yesterday with better coverage achieved due to modulation level increase. The relay can be found on 549kHz and is operated by Irish Christian Broadcasters (ICB) Dundalk.

UCB 549 Off

The high-powered UCB relay on 549kHz from the north-east of Ireland has been off air since early today. It did not return.