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Newspaper article: Sligo’s pirate station finds European ears

Sligo Champion – December 2nd 2003 (tap here to read)

While the future of the region’s most popular radio station hangs in the balance, one of its least well-known counterparts has begun broadcasting again.
Sligo European Radio was the brainchild of an unknown group of people from Sligo. It had its first broadcast on October 4, 1987 and its second, and potentially last, two weeks later on October 18.
However, nearly sixteen years after SER first took to the airwaves it made a triumphant, if low-key return in 2003.
Their “long-overdue comeback”, to use their own words, took place in June 29 of this year, with a one-hour programme broadcast between 12 noon and 1pm.
“This was our first broadcast after a 15-year absence. Since then we have maintained a fairly regular Sunday morning broadcast to our listeners throughout Europe,” the station’s website reported.
The programmes are relayed every Sunday by Jolly Roger Radio on 6236 Khz on the 48 metre short-wave band.
The pirate radio’s broadcasts reached listeners as far away as Germany, France, Switzerland, Britain and the Netherlands. The radio continues to reach mainland-European listeners today.
The station branched out on July 12 this year with a broadcast from Spain’s Costa Del Sol, while on Sunday, October 5, they celebrated the anniversary of their first broadcast with a special programme.
The location of the studio remains a closely guarded secret. The only clue given on the SER website is that the new studio is located in an unused out-building on a farm just outside of Sligo town.
The original broadcast studio was housed in the spare room of a house in Sligo town.
The new premises consists of two rooms: a broadcast studio and a production studio which doubles as an office and music library.
Samples of SER’s previous broadcasts are available to download from the website and while the station might not be heard by many in Sligo it remains a fascinating, if secretive, part of Sligo’s broadcast history.