Kiss FM in Wexford Has Been Raided

Kiss FM in Wexford were raided this morning by the ODTR, accompanied by the Gardai. Visits were made to both the studio and transmitter sites, and every piece of equipment was taken, including a laptop pc.
Station manager Leigh Doyle contacted Radiowaves News this evening in a state of shock. He claims that the station were raided – at least in part – as a result of their popularity. “A recent door-to-door poll in the area showed Kiss FM’s popularity,” Leigh says. “The surveyors had to create a special column for Kiss FM, we were getting so many votes.”
Leigh was informed by the ODTR that they had received complaints from legal stations: “I was told that it wasn’t because of interference, and I feel that it was made from within the area rather than outside Wexford. I was also told that a complaint by a local teacher lead to the raid. This was as a result of a text poll broadcast on the station in which she was voted most hated teacher.”
The station’s advertising was also alluded to by the officials.
Kiss FM were broadcasting on 102.0MHz.

Loss of Energy

Energy FM in Wexford have closed due to ODTR activity. This follows closely from the recent shutdown of Kiss FM, another pirate station in the area.