Passion Add TX

Bray-based dance music station Passion FM now have a dedicated transmitter broadcasting to Co Wicklow on 105.2MHz. Broadcasts continue to Dublin on 103.7MHz.

Off Passion

Passion FM went off air today around lunchtime but were back on within a couple of hours. Passion FM can be found on 103.7MHz in Dublin and 105.2MHz in Wicklow.

End of the Line for Passion

Wicklow dance station Passion FM will cease broadcasting at 7pm on Sunday evening with no plans to return. The station received a visit from two members of the ODTR today who also visited both of their transmitter sites in Wicklow before they requested the station to stop broadcasting or face 2 years in jail and/or a £20,000 fine.

Passion Party

Passion FM are inviting their listeners to join them for an on-air party in their studios in Bray for the station’s final hour of broadcast between six and seven pm tomorrow evening.
Passion FM can be found on 103.7MHz in Dublin and 105.2MHz in Wicklow.

Comment: The final hour of Passion FM will also be archived on Radiowaves.FM from tomorrow night.

Passion Close

Passion FM closed at 7pm this evening after a year of live broadcasting to Dublin and Wicklow. A crowd of listeners, along with presenters from other stations, gathered at the station’s studio in Bray for the final hour to bid farewell.
Listen to a real audio stream of Passion’s final hour from their 103.7MHz transmitter by clicking here.

Comment: Silence is not always golden.

Wicklow’s Bliss FM to Close

Dance station Bliss FM are closing down tonight. The station received a phone-call from the ODTR who ordered them to cease by midnight. No reason was given. Bliss FM intend to comply. The station have been broadcasting on and off on 105.0MHz to the Wicklow area for two years.

Fresh Feel to New Dance Station

From the ashes of the old Wicklow pirate, Raid 105, Flash 105FM is a new, dance music station operating on 30W power in West Wicklow. Its first test broadcast took place in Blessington on October 17th, but the studio has since been moved to a new location. The new station can be heard on 105.2MHz, which was previously occupied by Storm FM.
Flash FM’s station manager Liam Tutty is a Radio Production student, as are the majority of the presenters. Although there are commercials, these are aired without charge.
The station’s website can be viewed at flash105FM.freeservers.com.