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Breffni Regional Radio


Breffni Regional Radio December 23rd 1984

This is a short recording of Cavan pirate station Breffni Radio from December 23rd 1984. It has a few edits but is worth a listen.

Breffni Regional Radio December 18th 1988

Felim Cox on air for Cavan’s Breffni Regional Radio on December 18th 1988. This recording, made a few days before pirate stations were due to close down permanently due to new legislation, starts at 2pm.

Breffni Regional Radio December 30th 1988

This is how Breffni Regional Radio in Cavan closed for the final time on December 30th 1988. New legislation forced all pirate stations in the state to be off the air by the start of 1989.

Both recordings are off 95.6MHz; the first starts at 10.25pm and runs into the second which starts at 11.05pm.

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