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East Coast Radio January 30th 1979

This is a recording of Jimmy Swaines on the Dublin pirate station East Coast Radio off 1149kHz. It was made on January 30th 1979 at 8pm.
Personnel behind this station went on to form Downtown Radio, which was the forerunner of Radio City.

Adrian Horsman:
My very first radio show was on East Coast Radio (260m) in mid-February 1979. From 4am to 5am on Sunday mornings — but it was the break I needed!!
The studio was in an abandoned office in a carpet factory somewhere in west/south-west Dublin. I was there for a few weeks into March 1979 — but it moved on after Easter that year.
Later in the year I joined what was now Radio City in Capel Street (I think Tuesday and Friday nights 10pm- midnight) and then an 8am news bulletin as well — first time ever reading the news; another important break.
At about the same time I joined Capitol on Bachelor’s Walk doing their 1pm & 6pm news bulletins. Radio City dropped me when they found out I was doing the double. But at least Capitol paid my expenses…!
The Radio City 260m MW signal was very “dirty” compared to most other stations of the day. You could pick up City on all sorts of frequencies right into Long Wave within a mile or two of the Capel Street transmitter — in other words, most of Dublin city centre.

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This recording is courtesy of Ian Biggar
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