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Erneside Radio


Erneside Radio July 8th 1985

Compliments card by kind courtesy of Ian Biggar

This is a recording of the Cavan-based pirate station Erneside Radio from July 8th 1985. It starts at 10am with ‘Jacko’ spinning the discs. It is slightly edited but is a great sample of the station’s output.

Erneside Radio December 31st 1988

Here’s a few recordings from December 31st 1988, Erneside Radio’s last day of broadcasting before closing to comply with a new broadcasting bill.

Recorded off 1251kHz, from 9.40am we have Larry Burns who’s followed by Lynsey Shelbourne from just after 10am. Pio McCann takes over at 1pm.

There’s also the final hour of programming from 7pm recorded off 97.8MHz.

Larry Burns

Lynsey Shelbourne

Pio McCann

The final hour from 7pm

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