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Independent Radio Limerick


Independent Radio Limerick December 31st 1988

Grab your transmitter, pop around to your mates and stick it on air and proceed to broadcast to the city for the day. Unlicensed radio pre-1988 wasn’t quite that simple but sometimes it felt like it was, and then at other times – like in the case of this special once off broadcast – it was actual.
IRL was a chance for some broadcasting mates to get together, play some music, and reminisce. Involved were Francis Jones, Barry Sullivan, Ger Watson plus others.
The ‘station’ came on air at midday but we join the broadcast at 5.30pm, as they look to finish around 6.30pm.

If you have any old cassettes, digitised recordings, or radio recordings on a Mixcloud/Soundcloud account that we can add here, please get in touch – or use wetransfer to the same address.

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