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Signal 106FM


Signal 106FM July 15th 1988

Graham Turner is on Dublin pirate station Signal 106FM in this recording from July 15th 1988. Recorded off 106.3MHz, we join the show at 7.38pm.

Signal 106FM July 16th 1988

This is the Dublin pirate station Signal 106FM from the evening of July 16th 1988.

Signal 106FM December 30th 1988

Signal 106FM’s final night of broadcast as they close at the end of December 1988 in line with the introduction of a new broadcast act.

Note, these recordings have been transferred from cassette and quality is not so great in parts but we’ve included it all for historical completion…

First of all, from 6.30pm, we hear from Garv Rigby

From 7pm, this is Benny Ryan…

At 8pm, Graham Turner takes over…

Station owner Mike Ormonde is on from 10pm…

And this is the final hour to closedown…

This recording is with huge thanks to Mike Ormonde
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